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Hep B New Lab Test

Hello Everyone, good day

Got my new lab testafte a year..My  ALT & SGPT  are now Normal
May HBV DNA is 248 .

Last year my HBV DNA is >110 000 000
After 1 yr taking entracavir  my new HBV DNA is 248
In what phase Iam? btw I'm 23
Thank you in advace for your reply.
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You need to disclose your HBeAg status to let us determine what phase you're in. However,judging by your age, your very high viral load and elevated liver enzymes before starting treatment, you're most likely in immune clearance phase.
Hello @bravesoul, is there still a chance to make hbsag negative if you're in this phase?
The highest chance of clearing HbsAg is in this phase!
What should I do to increase my chance clearing hbdag? Thanks @bravesoul
when my HBeAG became non-reactive, while my HBsAG reactive,  my HBV dna was low, sometime undetectable, some time detected in range in range 10ui/ml to 19ui/ml, the GI doctor said i have about 2% chance of clearing HBsAG.

So what is your current results? Hbv dna etc? Did you ever take medication or are you taking right now?
Also, how long have you been in this stage?
How old are you @bm2016 ?

According to this recent article study, some of the section stated about after hbeag seroconversion, about 1-2% of hep b patient will clear hbsag and turn into functional cure, hbsag seroconversion after 5 to 8 years of antiviral treatment
after hbeag seroconversion and low/undetectable viral dna do you still have to take antiviral treatment (as you say after 5 to 8 years of treatment hbsag loss but dont you stop treatment sometime after hbeag seroconversion)??
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Here's my past and present lab results

July 2016

HBV-DNA - >110000000
SGOT/AST - 27 u/L
sgpt/ALT - 69 u/L
HBSAG (Quanti) - 2561.800
HbeAg - 1812.517
Anti-Hbc IgG - Reactive
Abti-HBC IgM - Reactive


Sep. 2017

HBV-DNA -248 IU/mL
SGPT -28 u/L
HBSAG (Quanti) - 6451.600
HbeAg - 1038.857
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Here's an article
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