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Hep B Results

This is the 4th Hep B panel.  

History: In November 2009 I received paperwork from the blood bank.  They advised My Ant-Hbs was positive.
But not to worry it could be a false positive just to let my doctor know on my next visit.  Which I did.
But I don't have the actual positive and negatives on that but since she referred me to a Gastroenonologist.
When I spoke with the blood bank they advised I had a positive result in Feb 2009, negative in Aug 2009 and another positive in Nov 2009.  This is when they notified me.

So I go to the gastro doctor in Mar/April 2010.  He tells me my alt and ast numbers are slightly elevated and my Igm antibody is positive.  He says he wants to have a Hep DNA done.  IN the meantime, I'm hospitalized with abdominal pain.  Cat scan was done and gastro dr says I have a fatty liver but this shouldn't be causeing me pain.  
Hep DNA test is negative but my IGM is still positive.  After all of this I decide to go to a Dr specializing in LIver Disease.  He orders over 30 blood test and when I call to get the results his nurse tells me IGM is still positive but dr thinks everything is ok.  However, I can see the results online and here is what they say:

HBsAg:  Negative
Anti-HBs: Positive
Anti-HBC: Positive
HBeAg: Negative
Anti-HBe: Positive

IGG value: 1050
IGA value: 166
IGM value: 96

Now after these tests are completed I receive a reminder in the mail from the gastro dr saying it's been 4 months and he wants me to retest.  I did and his nurse calls and says IGM is still positive and wants me to go to a specialist.  Told them I have a appointment already.

Ok...so long and short I have tested positive for HepB IGM for over 2 years now.

Is this normal?  Should I be pushing these doctors more?  I'm so confused.  Someone please help!

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another thing even a baby at school knows antibodies are needed for immunity, if you ever lose them make a vaccine boost, hbsab is needed for life to be hbv protected
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did you go to the zoo to get tested, you are immune to hbv from the start of your story i think they have ripped money from you or they were not doctors and you wnet to the zoo.

your condition is perfectly normal like any other adult clearing hbv, i'd sue them for all money, time wasted and if they are such ignorant doctors they have to pay anyway and have licence removed...at least this is what you can do in my country when a doctor fails something because ignorant he beter have a good bank account to pay all the damage done
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