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Hep B positive test results.

Hi Experts, I had a risky exposure 2 months ago. Following are my test results

Hbsag Reactive
Hbeag Reactive
DNA Viral load shows high viral load 10^8
HBC IGM Non reactive
Anti HBe Non reactive

What does this mean? Is it Acute infection? Till 2019 all my yearly checkups have been negative for Hep B. In 2020 I was at home during lockdown. I am confused and worried. This cannot be a Chronic infection then why HBC IGM has come non reactive.
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Interested to know why you were getting tested annually before.  Did you take other test as well.  I would go back to the doctor to see. But you should have some kind of anti bodies if you cleared it
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I have a habbit of doing yearly body check always. The tests never came back positive before. My LFT shows a little ALT risen by 10 points. AST is normal.
Also I was on PEP for HIV for 28 days post exposure the tablet consisted of Tenofir and Lamuvudine. Does these tablet the reason why antibodies have still not formed?
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