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Hep-B vaccination question about titer results

I'm training to be an EMT and can't start clinicals until I have proof of immunity to Hep-B. If I have to get the whole series then there's a chance that it'll take 6 months before I can start my clinicals and I'd rather get started in about 2-3 months when I finish up my coursework.
Due to a gap in my shot records, I've had to get a Hep-B titer to try to determine my immunity status. And the results are that my surface anti-body level is at 0.67, which is inconsistent with immunity (since 0.00-0.99 is inconsistent with immunity).
So, my question is: are these results indicative of prior immunity, in which case I may merely require a booster and a follow-up titer, or am I reading too much into the proximity of the numbers 0.67 and 1.00? Additionally, would it be a safer bet to just start the series, get the first two shots, and get a titer 3 weeks after the second? (I've heard that as many as 80% of people seroconvert after the first two shots anyway).
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keeping injecting vaccine until hbsab rise to 250miu/ml or at least 10miu/ml you can do it monthly

a low percentage of people has no response to vaccine due to immune system depression, vit d3 and vit c may help.if you fail vaccine even in this case zadaxin+hbv vaccine my achieve a fast and full response
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