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Hep b from Lingerie

Hi there.  I bought  lingerie when I got home I saw it had been tried on (women’s secretion) dried up.

Because I needed to try it on I washed the crotch with dish soup and cold water. I’m
Not sure if that got rid of it all

Then I tried it on over my full underwear but the wetness from washing the Lingerie seeped up through my underwear

I then took those underwear off as well

I’m sorry I suffer with anxiety. Please help on this question
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Ya, I sense you have anxiety.  Now, I think it is really quite unsanitary to have clothing that has women's secretions on it.  But you washed it. I would  not be worried in this instance.  But do work on the anxiety because that is a vicious cycle.
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Maybe this will help you understand the real risks of Hepatitis B.  https://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/hbv/bfaq.htm
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Try taking GABA for your anxiety
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