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HepB - cirrohsis and time of survival

How long does it take to get into Cirrohsis state once infected with Hepb at 30 years age and how long a person can survive if not on treatment? Will treatment avoid cirrhosis? Abdominal pain, weight loss, flu, tiredness all these symptoms somehow feeling that am infected from past 8 months. Please help.
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You need to get all markers checked, you could be in acute phase and clear the virus yourself without treatment.... A liver biopsy will tell you how damaged your liver is... I believe cirrhosis takes decades (don't hold me to that though, I'm no Dr)
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Can virus take more than six months to clear? Abdominal pain, weight loss etc makes me fear that I got infected.
Think if you test positive after 6 months you are classed as chronic carrier
hepatitis b does not cause pain. if you want to check for liver damage, fibroscan non invasive.
Weight loss an indication of Hep b? Any other Choice other than biopsy to test liver like CT or Ultrasound
Have you tested positive for hbsag?
Chronic hep b does not usually cause any symptoms unless the liver is severely damaged... Ultrasound can be done to check for HCC abnormal growths etc, but a liver biopsy is the best thing to check for liver damage... You need Alt, Ast blood tests taking... What is your e antigen status etc?
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You tested positive in January?
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Have you tested positive? What and when was your exposure?
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This January and I know it infected recently as last year test was negative
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