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Hepatite B+Delta virus

Hello. I am new here. I received treatment with Peginterferon for a year for Hepatitis Delta. Before treatment viral load HBVNh 286. HDVNho 214.000.000 copies. After treatment one year viral load 468.000 copies. (4.68x10E5). HBVNh 62. Blood test ALAT 62. ASAT 71. FibroScan 8.9 kPa F3. What kind of treatment this type Hepatite?
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You already received the only currently available therapy for HDV. The result is not satisfactory,  your liver is inflamed and fibrosis will progress.  The nap therapy is dramatically  effective for hdv, but is not yet approved.
Thank you for your reply. Studyforhope. When is possible nap therapy? How is going clinical development NAP? In my next option is try to apply participation ongoing clinical trials for HDV in Europe. (Lonafarnib, Myrcludex B). sorry for my English level.
I did not mention lonafarnib or myrcludex b, since the success rate  is not very iimpressive. But partizipation in one of these trials is certainly one option. The availability of nap therapy is still several years out, maybe they approve it in moldavia,  where the phase 2 trials took place.
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