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Hepatitis B Test Result Timeline - Panicked

Hi. I'm a 32 year old female and have no idea if I was vaccinated as a child for Hepatitis B. (My physician was pretty aggressive with vaccines, but I don't have medical records from then.) About 5 years ago, I asked my doctor for the Hepatitis B vaccine - and requested that I first be tested to ensure I was negative before starting the vaccine. The doctor complied, and I received 2 out of the 3 required shots. (I never received the last shot.)

I've had 3 partners, and only had unprotected sex with one (a male caucasian) 3 times. I always had clean STD tests. I recently got blood tested for Hep B, Hep C, syphillis, and HIV. I knew beforehand that HIV tests can't be released online. Blood was drawn for these tests late Thursday. The test run was a "Hepatitis B Antigen Test," which I'm assuming would be the surface antigen test from what I've read about the most common forms of testing.

I received electronic notification of 2 test results - negative for Hep C and syphillis. The time stamp on the results were earlier in the day Friday (spaced several hours apart) and I received them Friday afternoon. By the end of the day, I wondered where my Hep B results were. I haven't heard from my doctor (despite calling in) and I am really worried that not getting that result means I tested positive for Hep B.

These are the facts I've been able to find out online:
- 90-95% of adults who acquire Hep B "clear" the infection
- That most people would be 80% protected from 2 vaccination shots.
- That the test takes 1 hour to get results on.

It's been a long weekend and I'm scared to death. I know that I won't receive test results until, at the earliest, tomorrow.

Is it unusual to get Hepatitis C results and not Hepatitis B results the same day, if they're both negative? If my doctor did see a positive Hep B result on Friday, wouldn't they have called to let me know so I didn't spread it over the weekend? Is it normal for (negative) blood tests ordered at the same time to come in different days?

I can't figure out if I am just being wildly paranoid or if I should prepare myself for a positive Hep B result.

Any insight?

I guess my question
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Please don't be afraid, it is possible that the Hep B did come back positive so now they are checking to see if you actually have it
A person can test positive but then when the viral load is checked it can come back negative.
So, that means you may have been exposed however your body fought it off.
You also have the added plus of getting a vaccination.
Best of luck to you
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