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Hepatitis B medical result

The following is My wife's Hepatitis B medical result.
Please read and tell me something about those and suggest me.
I am so worried.
Thank you.

Liver & Biliary Screen
SGPT/ALT 114* <34 U/L (Ref)
SGOT/AST 81* <27 U/L (Ref)
AST/ALT Ratio 0.71

Hepatitis Virus Screen
Hep Bs Antigen Reactive*
Hep Bs Antibodies Non-Reactive
Hep Be Antigen Reactive*
Hep Be Antibodies Non-Reactive

Tumour Markers
Alpha Feto-protein(AFP) 4.7 <13.6 ug/L (Ref)

Additional personal Info
Female, 25 years old, Height - 5' 3" and Weight - around 90 lbs
Hepatitis C and HIV - Negative
Currently healthy and There is none of any serious sickness in the past
No smoking, No Alcohol and No Drugs
The Hepatitis B test was done because of requirement for MSc Admission in Singapore

Things I would like to know are
- Meaning of the result
- What can happen to her
- Dos and Don'ts
- Treatment or cure and its estimate cost
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I don't recommend speculating about her liver's condition right now. Let the other results come in.

I'm curious: does insurance in Singapore not cover all the costs?
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Thank you for your reply and useful link.
I have been successfully vaccinated and checked for antibody.

Now my wife needs to be checked with HBs ultrasound as her university's requirement. And we are waiting for result.
More information to main post, all of her family members including her mother got Hepatitis B.
I think she got Hepatitis B from her mother (over 55 years old and still healthy and no sign of any diseases) and the virus has been living in her body long time (25 years as her age).

So I want to know
- According to medical result in main post and some info in this pots, could you tell me something her liver's possible health condition?
- Could you suggest me a Gastroenterologist if you are from Singapore? (and estimated costs because we need to consider for this.)

Thank you very much
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I hope you are vaccinated. Make sure you are producing antibodies to protect yourself.

Some answers to your questions:
1. http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Hepatitis/HepB-Introduction--Welcome-Page/show/34?cid=153
2. as above
3. do get in touch with a gastroenterologist. don't drink alcohol at all.
4. can't say. depends on what treatment you opt for and which country you live in. I don't know much about Singapore. As you can see from the link above, you need to get a few more tests done. It may turn out that your wife does not need meds for the time being -- depends on what the tests indicate.
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