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Hepatitis B screening

Hello all ,,,,

My father(60) ,diagnosed recently with hbsag +ve (302 iu/ml).hbeag negative , anti hbeag positive ,viral load 242iu/ml  fibroscan 3,2 kpa  IgG -serum 19.8g/l.sgpt 36 sgot 26 .

Doctors prescribed for family screening . Test results of my mother (57) are as follows -
Hbsag  negative
Anti Hbs  5.6 ( values higher than 10 are considered high enough )
Anti hbe positive 0.22
Anti Hbc IgM  1.45 ( positive)

Is my mother also positive with hepatitis B ???
What are her chances to be cured ?
What should i do for treatment of my father and mother ?
My mother had 3 doses of hep b vaccine 10 yrs back + she got a booster 3 months back .why is her anti Hbs negative ??
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almost all doctors would not recommend treatment for your father at the moment unless maybe if there is a history of hcc/liver cancer in the family.
Look for all ALT/SGPT values from his previous blood test (preferable from last 2 years), if you don't have them in hard-copy you can ask his doctors to copy/print them for you. The longitudinal pattern of low ALT values could confirm the assumption that he has a very mild version of hepatitis b, as is strongly indicated by his low level of hbsag
He was never in to the medical stuff ,,,,no previous diagnosis .
Never ill , though his overall phisique is not quite pleasent .
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Thank you Aduiski ,,,,
Could you please comment on my mother's state ??
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Is my mother suffering from acute hepatitis b ?
What are the treatment options ?
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