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Hepatitis B

5-12 july : there symptoms of hepatitis and hepatitis verdict b 14july, blood test
SGOT: 178 U/L
SGPT: 1195 U/L
HbeAg: reactive 0.95

17 july blood test :
SGOT : 59 U/L
SGPT : 447 U/L

25 july, blood test :
SGOT : 23 U/L
SGPT : 90 U/L
Hbsag :  reactive 19.80
AntiHbs (+) : reactive 37.44

acute or chronic hepatitis, can it be cured?
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If you have IgM anti-HBc positive than you are acutely infected.  Please take a look at this link. There is no cure but there is good medication to control it.

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