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Hepatitis affecting bloodwork for Autoimmune Disease Sjogren's

Just joined this forum to get opinions from others. I have chronic HepB (from my mother) and was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease a year ago, Sjogren's Syndrome. (My hepatologist said that a lot of Hep B patients have Sjogren's.) I had been feeling on & off fatigued and just "not right" for about 4-5 years. 2 years ago, my HepB levels increased and I was put on Viread. A year ago, my levels are now undetectable (although I believe I will always have HepB surface antigen in my system). However, at the same time, upon working full-time and graduating from Grad School, right after my self-produced, self-installed, thesis art show, I woke up unable to lift my legs, had gray spotty vision, light sensitivity, numbness in forearms, all skin extremely dry, stiff neck, was extremely weak, and felt like I was in a dream-state. Symptoms lasted on & off all last Summer. I now am about 70% recovered but have fatigue, slight vision/neuro issues, shooting numbness a few times a week.

Are these symptoms coming from HepB or AI? Do people with chronic HepB have continued fatigue issues? (I had it in the beginning when I first started taking Viread, but after a few months, I felt better.)

My current rheumy thinks my liver proteins are messing up the bloodwork and that I don't have an AI. (Even though 2 other doctors diagnosed me with Sjogren's) Has anyone else had issues with bloodwork?

I know that bloodwork with AI can fluctuate normally. Or the Plaquenil stabilized the bloodwork? The main problem here is whether I have an AI or it's from the liver. So tired of going to Doctors at this point.

My results:
5/2012 (PCP Test Results, started taking Plaquenil for AI 7/2012)
ANA Titer 1:640 (normal 1:80)
Anti-SSB 4.9 Hi

9/2012 (more specific testing by rheumy, by ml)
ANA 1:40
SSB 31AU/ml (ranged 0-40)

3/2013 (from a follow up with the hepatologist, stopped taking Plaquenil 1 wk before this test)
ANA Titer 1:1280
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