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Hepatitis b panel result

PLs. help me with my problem i want an answer or will someone explain to me my result of my hepatitis panel:

Patients Value:1448
Cut off Value:1.00

Anti-HBs-(NON Reactive)
Patients Value:<2.00
Cut off Value:10.00

Anti-HBc IgG-(Reactive)
Patients Value:0.010
Cut off Value:1.00

Patients Value:0.002
Cut off Value:1.000

Anti-HAV-Igm-(Non Reactive)
Patients Value:0.345
Cut off Value:1.00

HBeAg-(Non Reactive)
Patients Value:0.123
Cut off Value:1.00

Anti-HCV-(NON Reactive)
Patients Value:0.440
Cut off Value:1.000
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Go to 'The Body' on internet explorer.  click on 'the body hiv/aids resource.'  Click on 'ask the experts.'  you will see pictures of 20 people, 4 rows of 5.  In the bottom row, in the middle, is Dr Barb McGovern.  Send her an email with your test result.  She will know the answer.  Dr M is really great.
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