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Hepatitis b

Hi all
My father( 60 yrs)recently diagnosed with hbsag +ve accidently . Doctors said not to do anything and be on wait and watch .we went to a specialized hospital ,there they said he has this by birth!!  And told us to get my mother tested ,even though i said that we all got tested for hbsag after this outbreak and came as -ve . They told us to get anti hbs , anti hbc, anti hbc core(total) ,,,,are these tests necessary ???

His results are as follows _
Hbeag  negative 0.23
Hbv dna  34 iu/ml  which increased to 242 iu/ml in 3 mnths
Afp serum 2.52 ng/ml
IgG serum 19.8 g/l
HbsAg  302 iu/ml
Anti HBe 0.02 reactive ,,,AHBeAb-T  5.09 NEGATIVE ( found 3 mnths back )
Fibroscan 3,2 KPa
CT upper abdomen triple phase ,,shows   EARLY SIGN OF PARENCHYMAL DISEASE of liver
GEnotype could not be determined.
KFt and LFT  are normal  ,,,ast 28iu/ml  alt 36 iu/ml  

ONE doctor prescribed LAMUVDINE .

.PLEASE suggest what should we do .
I am also confused with anti HBE Values ,,,is anti Hbe and AHBE Ab_Total  are not same  ??
What about paranchymal disease?

Thank you
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I disagree with the "specialist" hospital and agree that your father does not need treatment now:
1. His viral load is low, less than 1000 iu/ml
2. His HbsAg is considered low at 302 iu/ml
3. His ALT and liver function are okay
4. Most important, his Fibroscan score is 3.2 Kpa, indicating no or minimal fibrosis.

Any doctor that suggested Lamvudine cannot be trusted. I believe you should just observe and check again in 3 to 6 month time.

I am not a doctor, just my opinion.
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Is there a sense to use any antiviral with such low HBsAg and hbv dna ?
and normal ALT of course
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Dear sorte ,steff ,stephencastlecrag ,,,,,
May be the "specialized " doctor prescribed the drug because we had a family member ,(my uncle) who  had hep b ,n died with cancer .doctor might have assumed it as hcc.though we later came to know that he had prostate cancer .

I am going to visit my doctor tomorrow ( ilbs , india) . Will get vit25oh test ( as adviced by steff )
Will keep the vit d level + coffee  as of now + nigela sativa ( if i could find it here )

Thank you all again ,from the core of my heart .
May god bless us all
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plus we have new drugs out soon....

i mean pegintf not the best of choice
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Yep, peginf at that age may have unpleasant sides :(
I would add nigela sativa to the above supplementation. It has no sides, it's cheap, it's natural and has lot of other health benefits. It's also light immunomodulator so it may help a little for hbv.
He should make vit d level test definatelly.
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the only treatment that makes sense with such good results is peginterferon because with such low hbsag and low hbvdna chances to be cured are very high but your father is 60yo and sides of peg are heavier the older you are, plus we have new drugs out soon....

the best thing you can do is to improve diet, add vitamin d 3 if he is deficient and add all things to prevent liver cancer such as:
vit d3 if levels not optimal (60-90ng/ml)
vit k2 mk4 or mk7, very good at his age also for bones
3-4 cups of coffee per day if no controindications with other diseases

very very optional since expensive and maybe too late to work as antiage at 60yo, nicotinamide riboside, anti age, mitocondrial function repair, liver cancer prevention, all diseases that come with aging
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How much communicable this state is ?
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