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Hepatitis b

Hello I just discovered that I am hepatitis b positive
Hbsag positive
Hbv dna is 95IU/ml
Hbsag is negative
Hasab non immune value is 0.46mIu/ml
Alt is normal
Please what should I do doctors said I don’t need treatment and I really need to make the Hbsag negative I think my chances to clear the virus is high please help me what do I do?????
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Since your DNA is so low, my advice would be to do two things. 1) take a multivitamin every day. It will help your body to get the nutrients it needs to clear the virus. 2) drink a cup of coffee occassionally. Coffee fights hepatitis and may help you to clear it.

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Hbsag is positive and Hbsag is negative
Can you help me check if my hepatitis b surface antibiotics is positive from my result
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I don’t how anybody could check for you except for your doctor who will have to request for the test.  

But if your hbsag is positive and hbsag is negative as stated above, you could eith have it or not.  Is the negative result after the positive results or is the positive results after the negative results. I would definitely wouldn’t take any test seriously if you get both positive and negative results in one test. Just my 2cents though
I didn’t get both positive it was a mistake what I meant was I have Hbsag positive and HBeAg negative and my viral load is 95 doctors says I don’t need treatment but I know I have high chances of making Hbsag negative
I pray you will clear it and it’s acute. Hep b.  CHB virus is a virus that continues to attack one of your important organ, the liver.  And even if you fit under the results of not treated, the virus continues to attack your liver and cause fibrosis which will/might  cause cirrhosis and/or HCC.

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Is the hbsag negative or positive.  You have it posted as both.   I do believe that your hbsab should be reactive though.  I would check again.  

Wish you well.  Hep b sucks.
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I don’t know why will my doctor not give me drugs because the viral load is 95 from my results do I have high chances of making Hbsag to be negative
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Sorry I mean HbeAg is Negative, I don’t know what to do as doctors won’t give me treatment that my viral load is too low and I think I have higher chances of clearing the virus so why will my doctor say I don’t need treatment,I need to make the Hbsag negative please help
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