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How easily is Hepatitis B passed through receiving gay oral sex?

I am a man and I received oral sex from a gay man. I believe I received my vaccine when I was an infant. I am in my 20s now. Upon further investigation after the encounter, I asked him if he smoked meth and he said yes. He said no to injecting. He was adamant on using condoms. He mostly preferred to give blowjobs.

I am still quite worried since he is a drug user. I live in Southern California. Is there a risk involved with this encounter?
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Sorry, I meant to say that the oral sex was unprotected. He claims to use condoms when he has anal sex, which is a rare occurrence for him due to his preference for oral.
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My personal suggestion would be find out if you are immune to hep b by testing to determine if you were previously vaccinated and then if needed get vaccinated as these activities do put you at increased risk. You should discuss with your doctor about getting tested and the need for vaccination. And always practice safe sex practices to avoid the risk of any STD

“How is Hepatitis B spread?
The hepatitis B virus (HBV) spreads when blood, semen or vaginal fluid of someone infected enters another person’s body.
A person with HBV can give the virus to another person from:
• Having unprotected anal, vaginal and/or oral
• Sharing needles, syringes or straw for drug use
• Sharing a toothbrush or razors
• Direct contact with the blood or open sores of
an infected person
• Birth (mother to baby)
Tips for safer sex:
• Latex condoms can reduce the risk catching HBV
• Oral sex is believed to be very low risk for
catching HBV under most situations (i.e., no
bleeding, no scar, no sore)
• There is no risk for kissing and hugging because
body fluids like saliva and sweat do not have enough virus to be infectious
What are the recommendations for men who have sex with men (MSM)?
A simple blood test can show whether the person is infected with HBV or needs vaccination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that MSM to get tested and vaccinated for HBV.
Speak to a doctor about testing and/or vaccination if you:
• Have sex partner(s) with HBV
• Have multiple sex partners
• Have other Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) or HIV/AIDS
• Are living with someone with HBV
• Are born in a country where the rate of HBV is
high or moderate
• Are unvaccinated and have at least one parent
who was born in a country with high HBV rate”

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