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How long do you think it will take for a complete cure to come for hep b?

Today is world hepatitis day. Wish u all a healthy living!
With the advancement in technologies and research every one is anticipating for a cure for hepatitis b. Let's share our views.
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I was following a little bit about the ongoing research on drugs for hepB, upto two years after I knew my chronic hebB. Unfortunately, my hope has already been diminished because I don't see any drugs coming soon, and my health situation has also gotten worse. I've litterally lost hope, and I'm waiting for my God to take me back. Sorry for my pessimistic post, but that is exactly what I feel about my situation.
why do you say that your situation got worse? havent you recently started taking entecavir? if you dont have liver damage already, really high chances that entecavir will decrease your HBV PRC to undetectable. In regards to your body pain, you should check your  vitamin D.

I am positive about a function cure in the mid future +- 10 years. Unfortenely not so postive about a complete cure, but at this point ...Ill take anything that has the word cure in it.
People havent forgotten about us and there is a lot of  people and companies researching the cure.

If we play according the "rules" there are good chances to live a healthy long life and staying positive about this ****** situation is the only thing that keeps me going , day by day and trying to live a normal life.

wish you all a happy hepatitis day!
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Ya right liverpatient don't be so much disheartened, atleast in this era we can live healthy, monitor our statuses, predict and modulate the outcomes. Just continue your antiviral pill that too easily once a day so good compliance can be made.
Though it is always disheartening for no cure coming but still be positive and stay healthy. Don't think unnecessary unhealthy.
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Whenever Replicors NAPS technology hits the market then I think we'll see meaningful changes in terms of the number of people being functionally cured! I am living proof that you can still be functionally cured on NUCS on the rare occasion.. I hope everyone can be functionally cured sooner rather than later
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This sounds promising
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with all the cancer research going on and vast improvements we might cure cancer before hep b. if so that is also good news, because hep b creates hcc and if we can cancer only risk is liver decomposition from hep b but we have nucs for that.
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I'm losing hope too the cure still in clinical trial for so long. I don't know if I can afford it  bcoz cost of living now in the Philippines is getting expensive.
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ARO-HBV could be available early 2020 if all goes as planned.

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