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How to cope with this??

Im sure now that I'm  hepatitis B chronic inactive.  Yesterday, i told m y sister and she told me that she has it ans she is also inactive.  I have still more sister and brothers. I don't know how  to deal with my family. It is most likely that we are al infected since birth. Now, how come a virus can get active??  are there any suggestion to keep this virus inactive ???... any good words are welcome. I need support. I;m so stress out. I can not talked to my friends and I'm having depression. Thanks
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you're "inactive" which is what is also called healthy carrier.. i cant comfort you enough bcz you are most likely to go through to the cycle of depression.. the question is how soon you are going to snap out of it..
as you see most of us here if not all are hepB carriers.. we shares thoughts, treatment options, life experiences, and share many laughs .
hepB isnt the end of the world..many people on here have it worse than you by miles so you're not in the worst caee scenario.. in your case all you need is periodic monitoring to make sure the virus is inactive and contained by your immune system.
a member on here says that most people " will probably die WITH hepB but NOT bcz of it" and i happen to totally agree with him . ofcourse that is until new science finds a cure for it.. cant tell you the cure is around the corner  becasue there is still more to hepB that science does not know than what science already knows.. once doctors figure this thing out and know how it works then mauybe we can say we are getting closer to a cure but for the time being a treatment option is here and it helps people with hepB live  somewhat a normal life.. you too will find yourself coping with it pretty soon..specially that you wont have to deal with medication since you dont need them .soon you will be laughing again and living life normal again. ofcourse with some strings attached.. and that is you want to stay away from what could hurt your liver.. specially drinking.. so if i were you and i drink then i would defintely stop.. thats the number one liver killer whether you got hepB or not.
other than that, be liver friendly with your diet. you do not need to deprive yourself of any type of food but i would also be cautious towards certains types of food that are deep fried, too fatty in nature etc....

soon you will be ok.. you may not see it now but once the idea of you carrying this virus settles in , you will ten be fine and will go about your live normally...learn more about this virus..read more and educate yourself more.. always think that someone else has it worse and that you are blessed no matter what..good or bad
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Thanks for your words. I try to be up but then i go down again. I will try to be up.. Thanks for your words. God bless you. Thank you so much.
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I just read your post and totally understand what you are going through right now. I was diagnosed with acute HBV last summer and have only just cleared it. However for about 8 months I went through the sort of agony that you are currently experiencing. At first I had to deal with the shock and horror of what I had caught. I could not believe I had it because I had done nothing to get this virus, and as far as I was concerned this was a sexually or drug linked virus. Of course I was totally ignorant at that time as I had never ever had to think about this virus because I knew that I would never be 'the sort of girl' who would catch it. But once I became better informed about it all and realised that there are in fact about 600 million chronics out there in the world, I began to accept my docs info that this is NO LONGER considered a sexually transmitted disease. In fact it is a very very common virus and many out there are walking the streets and don't even know that they have got it. Some get it at birth, others from a hospital procedure (that's me) or even just an open wound on your finger!!!

So look at this terrible news of yours THIS way. You are ONE of the LUCKY ONES. You know you have this virus and therefore can monitor it and have the docs take good care of it for you. You are not gonna be one of the chronics who has no symptoms and no clue they are a carrier until they take ill later on in life and present at the hospital with serious liver complications. You are never going to get here because you are now ARMED with the best defence possible for a chronic...knolwedge that the virus is there.

I totally understand what you are feeling, trust me on this. I got so low at one point with depression and anxiety that I was actually making myself ill. I had lost 3 stone in weight, looked ill and acted like a crazed woman, crying all the time and screaming at anyone around me. The doctors had me down on my medical notes as severley anxious and depressed. I was given sedatives to attempt to get me thro the ordeal but even those pills were a temporary thing. I was convinced that my life was over and that I was going to die. I saw no way out of this until I came to this wonderful site. I read the many posts and became so well informed that even my liver specialist was most impressed with the questions I was asking at my appointments.  It really helped me to be on this forum and get advice from the regulars here. Most of the time it was daft and annoying questions I was asking them but it just felt good to have a person advise me who knew what I was going thro. We have all been there, that initial shock and fear is horrendous....but....as bberry says it will lessen with time. I promise you this is true. As the months went on and I had not cleared the virus I began to see that as bberry says this is not the end of the world. There are many many worse things out there that people are dealing with right now. HBV is annoying and as my doctor stated a 'bit of a bummer' as you have to keep an eye on it forever and you may get an odd flare up. But basically if you leave the alcohol and ciggies to the true eejits who know no better then most likely you will live normal and healthy life. The medications they have today are fantastic.

bberry is right too that you will learn how to laugh and enjoy your life again. After all none of us know how long we have or what will take us. So get up outta bed tomorrow morning and make yourself a few positive promises:
1. I am going to have at least 2 conversations today that do NOT involve HBV (I say this beause all I did for 10 months was talk non-stop about HBV.)
2. I am going to take a long shower and make myself look more gorgeous than usual.
3. I am going to look on this HBV as something of an uninvited relative who arrives at the house for tea on a Sunday afternoon. I don't want this uninvited guest, but I will tolerate it and look after it so she will cause me no harm.
4. I will have faith in the doctors because they are wonderful marvellous people who know so much.
5. I am going to start enjoying my life and being happy and confident once more.
6. I AM going to fight this 'unwanted guest' and do everything possible to p*ss it off. So if medications annoy it then medications I will take.

I found that when I started to look on this virus as this nasty unwanted thing, I got angry with it and angry with the way it had dared to enter my life and attempt to ruin it. I chose NOT to lie down and be tearful one more day and instead packed up on vitamins, organic fruits and veg, drank buckets of cherry juice and mangosteen juice and even shouted at it once or twice a day!!!! I felt so good after I had screamed obscenities at it a few times a day. I told it to leave me alone (but in less polite language).

I tell you all this because as one doctor told me part of the real difficulty with this virus is the psychological side of it. It eats you up if you let it. Don't let it. Read up on this virus as much as you can.
Hang on in there Ella...you can and WILL get thro' this.
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Thanks for taking your time to write. My husband is  not supportive with me now, he  likes to be in the basement or playing with the neighbor. I just came back from a walk and i will try to go to work tomorrow. Thanks for your words. God bless you!!!
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Hi ,

Thats one of the most encouraging piece i ever read, it given so much hope and serenity, this is will inspire each and every person who reads it .. my kudos ..
Keep up the good work of insipiring people and instilling confidence in them..

My case is different, when i was diagnosed couple of months back... i had a initial shock but I had no panic attacks ... now this may sound as good right now but the other effect was I kept on with my ususal routine of drinking and smoking ...but now when i read your posts i realised that DRINKING HAS TO STOP .... anyhow .....thats the first thing to do ...no matter what ....and i thank all of you for your posts which has done what my efforts of 9 yrs cudnt do , inspire me to stop drinking ..

Thanks to all .

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Glad to have been of some help.

Ella, I'd say that irrelevant of what your husband is doing right now, YOU need to take care of YOU at present. If he isn't willing to be supportive then maybe it is hard on him too to know of your illness and maybe he is also having difficulty coping. Men react to things differently from us women (sorry boys but it's true). Did you manage to get to work? If you did then big cheers for you. It will help to get back to work with normal things in your life such as a boss breathing down your neck and duties to perform! I also hope you are getting out and about. I managed to stay in my house for near enough 2 months after learning about my acute HBV and that was a very bad thing as I got myself really depressed. Seriously keep going. It will get better really soon.

Jhakhas, I am glad to hear you are gonna kick the drinking and ciggies. The ciggies are bad, bad, bad and you must pack in. Not just from a liver point of view but simply because cigs kill most folk that do em. I also am glad to hear you are gonna cut back alcohol to. What sort of HBV are you? Are you chronic? How long for? Are you on meds?
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