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How to find whether hep B is acute or chronic with this test result ?

We conducted the further test and we found these results:

HBsAg quantitative 2194.87 IU/ml

HBVDNA Real-Time PCR 2664 IU/ml

Anti-Hbc IgM, serum - 0.10

Anti-Hbc total serum - 10.15

Anti-Hbe serum 0.01

HbeAg serum - 0.26

I know that my father is infected. But how can I classify this as acute or chronic.. please help me

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It is chronic because Anti-Hbc IgM negative, hbd dna low, hbsag>1000IU/mL. Assuming that alt is normal and no liver damage, your father is in an inactive phase that needs to monitor every 6 months.
Sir, my fault.. anti HBC serum value is not negative. It is 0.10. All the value with - is not negative. It is just a separator.
0.01 is nothing compare to 10.15, so the conclusion does not change. In acute  phase, hbv-dna will be increasing exponentially resulting in an amount of millions or more. In addition, alt must be hundreds or thousands.
Its looks Chronic , Anti hbe is +, If LIVER ALT is in normal and ultra sound is fine then , u people can monitor it for every 6 months.
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