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How to make Hbsag negative?

Is there any cure or any medicine to make Hbsag negative?

I was tested medically four years before for a job and found hepatitis B positive.Then I consulted a doctor,he took my complete hepatits tests and told me nothing to worry because hepatitits b virus was non-reactive.But when tested medically it shows positive.

I am much confused because this HbsAg positve is really doing problems for my jobs and career. Please guide me what to do and how can I get rid of this HbsAg??
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all therapies just lead at the state you are already by your immune system so you just have to monitor since you have no illness and no liver damage (i assume your alt/ast normal).all therapies up to now have no influence on hbsag quantity which is correlated with the quantity of template virus in your liver cells (cccdna).

you might try off label alinia which is active against hbsag, cheap and has no sides/resistance, see our post below, if your hbsag quantity is 1000-1600iu/ml you might have chances to eradicate it.
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Thanks for the information.
Yeh I never had any symtoms of Hepatitis b.So I think my liver is normal.
But all the trouble is this HBsag positive.This is doing problems for my job and abroad visa.
Please tell me which Hepatitis B tests should I take?
and How can I proceed further to eradicate Hbsag?
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first check the quantity of hbsag in your case it should be 200-300s/n or less or 1000-1600iu/ml or less.Of course if less you have more chances.when hbsag gets to 0 the antibodies appears hbsab, they are always present but the number is not enough and hbsag neutralize them.
after you know your hbsag uantity you can start alinia off label, if you have problems to find it you can get generic, see this post on hcv forum:
from http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-C/Alinia-Nitazoxanide-Sources/show/1124364

or alinia brnad from romark
from http://www.merlonipharma.ch/eng_frm_presentazione.htm

take a lot since therapy must be continuos and see also my posts about cholesterol and vitamin D.
if you choose to start please update your hbsag level at 3-6-12months in alinia post
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if you start alinia also check alt/ast, hbvdna pcr, hbsag at 4weeks

elevations of alt/ast are a good sign but at the same time hbvdna must be stable or lowering, same thing for hbsag must be stable or lowering, it means your immune system can see cccdna inside infected cells and kill them

on the contrary alt/ast elevations with incresing hbvdna and hbsag are a bad sing, in this case therapy is not working
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Thanks for the information.

Which test will show the quantity of hbsag? as you told it should be 200-300s/n or less or 1000-1600iu/ml.
Please name the tests which I should take to proceed further?

As I told you that I never had any symptoms,So do you think my Hbsag can be made negative???
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an inactive carrier just has more chances with 1000-1600iu/ml of hbsag

cronic hbv carriers have hbsag around 3000-10000iu/ml so eradication is impossible for sure, only the lucky ones with little hbsag are known to have chances of seroconversion

the kits are made by abbott and only research centers have it, in USA very little in europe it is easy to find these labs, just ask the lab for hbsag quantification

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see this article/study which is made by my doctors, i don't know if they still use this one now but on the market there are many kits from abbott or from other companies so just ask for hbsag quantification in iu/ml
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I am from India. I came across tablet NETAZOX 500, contains Nitazoxanide 500mg.
I am HBsAG positive carrier. Existing for past one year. Shall I take this medicine. or if any rapid curing medicines available.
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NETAZOX 500, it is not good for hbv because it is nitazoxanide+antibiotic, you must use ntz only
nizonide500 and nitarid are ok

you may use it but if your hbsag, hbeag and hbvdna level is very high it may take very long to see results.combo with interferon, entecavir or tenofovir is better in case of active hbv (high hbvdna)
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Hi Stefano,
Thank you for your reply!

For me HBsAG OD ratio is 2.7
cut off value .01
Is this value is too large/ harmful to me?
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For me HBsAG OD ratio is 2.7

it is not a quantity, for quantity you must make abbott architet hbsag quantification test in iu/ml, all other units are not usefull
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Hi Stefano,

Last month I did HbsAg in MEIA methodology.Result shows that I'm reactive.

HbsAg- 179.02 ng/ml

What does it means?...If you cannot explain with the above value,Please share us what all other tests shall be done?
Expecting your earlier response..

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ask lab for conversion to iu/ml if possible or mcg/L, low values of hbsag are 2-5mcg/L

but all studies are in iu/ml so we can say if it is high or low by abbott architet in iu/ml only

if you want to start ntz it will do no harm, you might use HbsAg- 179.02 ng/ml as reference and see until it lowers to negative, if it doesn t lower by 6 months ntz doesn t work on you
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Hi Stefano, hope you are well.  Please can you tell me the difference of titer COI value and iu/ml. Im HBsAG positive. my titer value is 303.5 COI. kindly advise.
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different scales, there is no correlation or way to turn coi to iu/ml, you have to make test by abbott architet, in usa and canada labs are absolete and do not have this machine

europe, china and reach asian countries have it

the numbers reflect the reagent quantity not hbsag quantity so it is not possible to say how much hbsag you have with those tests that are designed for reactive/non reactive result nothing else
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hey what test they told to do HBSAG to be negative
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My name is margaret my husband is suffering from HBSag. His count is showing 6000 not seen it properly and its from birth he says. his mother had jaundice when she was pregnant. we checked it the doctor said it is dead virus we cannot do anything to it. And i know it is not spreading because i dont have and not the child. CAN U HELP ME IN THIS REGARD
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spreading because i dont have and not the child
just luky...

if he is hbe negative, hbeab positive, hbvdna und or very low by pcr, you can try nizonide500 from lupin, 1,5g daily with food (1 pill about every 8hrs) and check if after 6-12months hbsag is still positive

during therapy check alt, kidney function, hbsag quantity and hbvdna quantity at least every 3 months, if hbsagg stays the same after 6 months it doesn t work
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Need one more help we have done only hbsag spot test for him. have we need to do any other test pls help me
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all tests needed here


if you find a lab with abbott architet for hbsag quantification in iu/ml make that test too
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my freind is hbsag and antihw positive. what does that mean?? is he medically not fit for job?
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My name is Kevin Tan. I will be assigned to Papua New Guinea next month, a place with high risk of malaria. The doctor advise us to take anti-malaria pills like Malarone and Doxicycline on daily basis.

I need your medical advise if these anti malaria pills will affect my liver as I am HBsag (positive) and Hbaeg (negative).

Also is there any bad effect on my kidney even I have no kidney disorder?

hoping to received your feedback at the earliest.

Many thanks & kind regards,

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hi im elmar and im 17yrs old, i have a chronic hbv, i want 2 ask that if there's any chance my hbsag,anti-hbc igg,anti-hbe  become negative? the account of my hbsag is 7839,my anti hbc igg is 0.009 and 0.019 for anti hbe.. what medication do i needed to become this results will be negative?
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take artesunate it is the best drug for malaria without resistance development and it is also a broadrange antiviral active on hbv
i dont think you can monitor hbsag quantity by abbott architect in your country but check if you find it and do so because you might be able to clear hbv too

do not use the other drugs and ask for artesunate only since it is active to clear hbv too.the mother of a forum member cleared hbv when she was treated for malaria

check liver function during treatment, almost all drugs are toxic for liver so you need to monitor during treatment.in any case malaria attacks the liver too so you must treat malaria as soon as possible.let us know the results on hbv with artesunate especially hbvdna quantity and hbsag quantity

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