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I Have HBSAG Loss after being 4years

Hi Everyone

First of all I would like to thank everyone for sharing information and experiences in this forum but in particular in Studyforhope and Stef2011 who I have bombarded with questions at times and   which they have  both always patiently and  kindly answered with great useful info which I am eternally grateful for.

Heres my story

I was diagnosed back in 2011

I have been on a TAF trial  for about 14 months…

My baseline started at

DNA 600 million Approx
HBEAG  18k approx.
HBSAG 50k approx.

My current stats are

DNA Undetctable


So I’ve got surface antigen loss but no anti bodies as yet (fingers crossed)

I thought I was going to wait until I developed anti bodies but I think that would have been selfish of me.

What I done with food meds and supplements consists of the following
1. Drink 1 x glass of water  then drink warm water with lemon + 2x spoon of organic honey
2. 15mins later  eat porridge mixed with blue berries raspberries black berries + Bannana  + honey (Take Meds )
3. Take powder vitamin C ascorbate powder version (allow to dissolve under the tongue) Brand used was “Mega” and Bio Care
4. Snack  Bannana with yoghurt/ Or 2 to 3 peaces of fruit
5. Lunch would consist of veg or salad same with dinner (Take vit B with Lunch)
6. Fruit or sandwich as a snack in the evening
7. Take liquid vitamin D3 twice weekly  before bed for 12 months (7000ml each dose) for the first 12 months. Changed this to daily when my ALT dramatically reduced as I became worried my immune response had stopped so I done it daily.  Brand used was solgar
8. Take Magnesium before bed aswell Brand I used at first was Nutri. (Due to high Malic acid content) Then they added creatine to their new  formula (the last thing anyone on Tenofivir needs is more creatine for obvious reasons) so I switched to  Viridian brand which is powder again but it’s a combination of Calcium Magnesium and Zinc. Seems to do the job
9. I do still use Nutri’s probiotics  called Ultra Probioplex ND Capsuels. As I read research about probiotics and their links to the immune system plus being helpful against fatty liver disease
10. Make sure I would drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day. (Half litre with lemon)
11. NO ALCOHOL EVER its like kryptonite to someone with Hepatitis

Activities  I did
1. I regularly pray meditate perform positive affirmation. Belief is a huge part of recovery you need to believe that you are going to recover.

2. Bikram Yoga (The amount you sweat in Bikram is amazing and the skin is the bodies largest organ. 3-4 per week regular (until recently due to work commitments). Yoga is working on a hormonal level and there is research done at Harvard that back up many health benefits. Plus I love it . But I still practice Hatha anyway when I can . Please note I would drink coco but water after Bikram due to electrolyte loss

3. Spinning classes (using interval training) as my thinking behind intervals is I read research before cancerous cells “commit  suicide” when switching between aerobic and anaerobic systems. Don’t how applicable that is to hep b but heart and lungs are important anyway

4. Resistance based exercise as there’s a lot data to support its value in reversing fatty liver based training  disease and maintaining good muscle and bone density. (Ive been focused on this a lot more lately as its more convenient)

5. I go running implement fart lek  based training

6. Particular good Yoga breathing technique  kapalbhati I found this particularly helpful

7. I would do colonics every 2 months as I figured cant have a healthy without healthy bowels.

8. I occasionally practice Qi Gong aswell

~The one thing I must stress at the beginning so many people said  “you’ve got it for life” but part  of me would NOT accept that. You have to keep bouncing back after every rejection, anything that goes wrong, you have to be resilient you have to be relentless.  I  Surrounded myself and communicate with the people who share the same or similar goals as I do  I distanced myself from those who are negative and destructive.  Because I found being in a state of frustration due to debating things wont chane was  not helpful to me as a person. Remember there is always a choice who you allow to speak into your life its good to  receive  balanced feedback but not just a negative unhelpful opinion.

I tried keeping an open mind being stubborn about my goal but flexible in my methods is a philosophy I try to live by because guess what some times "life happens when we make plans" John Lennons words

I would focus on doing things that put me in a state of joy and feel gratitude is so important.

Obviously do research and  study when you can dedicate time to learning health related topics. Ie Meds and trials,  Food,  Exercise  different types and there different benefits.

Learn  different forms of relaxation find that which makes you feel best.  Remember  anxiety and stress can release not so friendly chemicals into the body. Stress is unavoidable but finding ways of dealing with it is key. For example I enjoy watching comedies as the expression goes "laughter is cheap medicine."

I really wish everyone else the best of luck and hope we all get cured to.

I made promise to God even if I get cured I will still try and help others with Hep B when possible. I always  keep the Hep community in my prayers and we are a community and that’s something I’m grateful for.

I feel like I’ve had such a massive lesson with Hepatitis so far and  once again thankyou EVERYONE in this community.

Hope you all enjoy the festive period with your loved ones
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Poor spelling in the title there lol

Meant to write "after 4years of being diagnosed"
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Also forgot to mention i use the trampoline and im vegatarian
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Once again Congratulation needadvicewithhelp! Let the party start.
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Thankyou my friend :)
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Since when did u have hbv?? Not from birth probably?
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Since 2011
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No wonder that you fought it. Us- being infected since birth don't have chances to clear it like u.
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congratulations ! great news ! :)
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Thankyou very much.

I do hope get some luck and clear it
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Thanks its the best christmas present ive ever had :)
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So nice to hear good news, (is this the new trial about TAF?, Congrats
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Hi Mer971 thanks yes im on the same trial as luckyman. But im in the UK and HBSAG Quantitive is done which as patients we are entitled to via the nhs.
Im so so happy :)
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