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I got chronic Hep B. Can I have unprotected oral sex with my vaccinated girlfriend?

Greetings to everyone in the community.

I am a 29 year old male. I found out about my hepatitis B in 2012. when I got randomly tested. Since then I have been having proper treatment, first I was on Zeffix and I am currently on Viread. My viral load is undetectable sometimes and sometimes very low, like 23, but HBsAg still positive. I get tested once a year. My girlfriend is vaccinated and completed her 3 shot series 5-6 years ago. We do use condom when we do penetration but I am concerned about oral sex and deep kissing because it's unprotected. Can she get infected from me even though my viral load is ridiculously low or non existent and she is vaccinated. I guess I am just paranoid since I read that hepatitis B can be in saliva too and how vaccine is 90% effective. I still don't trust it fully but I don't want to restrict myself from oral sex and deep kissing. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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She is vaccinated, so you are fine. To be on the safe side, have her get checked anyway. If she has the antibodies then she will never get it from you.
No problem pag vaccnated cia, para kung mag kababy kau nd cia mahahwa at baby nio.. mas mainam pa booster m cia ng pang hepa b.. ganun gnwa ko s misis ko..
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