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I need help on status and if i have liver damage

I was diagnosed with hepB since May 2016 where immediately the Doctor then prescribed for me Lamivudine tenofovir disoproxil fumarate which I took for 6/7months before another seeing my test rest ask me to stop it and refered me to a consultant Gastroentreologist who also second me stopping the drug ordered some test  May 2016 are as follows: ALT 18.7,AST 21.4,ALK 26.3,Total bilirubin 13.6,Conj Bil 2.04,total protein 68.3,Albumin 54.2 while after using Lamivudine Tenofovir Disopril Fumarate for almost 8months is HbsAg positive and did another test in Dec 2016 with result ALT 12,AST 19,Albumin 42,Direct Bilirubin 14.5,total bilirubin 27.5,total proteins 90. In January/February 2017 I did FBC,platelets counts and ESR which shows normal and Ultrasound scan of Liver in CHB is normal.He said I don't need any drug and that I should stop the drug.I feel muscles and pains in my back and right Abdomen once in a while buy changes position.Please I want to also know if an inactive or active carrier state and  my chances in clearing the virus and if I require drugs. Currently I use only Silibon140mg and herbal supplement like bitter leaf and Phyllantus niruri. I just got my HBV DNA=6.15*10^1IU/ml and HBeAg=0.06 Negative (Index value1.0 Positive) result done in June 2017. My Liver Function Test today 07/10/18: Dir  Bilirubin= 6.7umol/L(0-6.8), Total Bil=17.6umol/L(0-21),
ALT=38.7(0-80), AST=25.2IU/L(0-50), ALP=177(62-306). Please tell me if these LFT shows any liver damage. But i still feel slight on and off pains on my right ribs that feels like an Ulcer. Did H Pylori test and its negative. My doctor still clears me of no liver damage.But I feel pains on my right abdomen,constipation sometimes,muscles pains and little swollen ankles when I sit for long which goes down when I stand up or sleep.
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Hello Guys i have been experiencing upper right abdominal pain especially when i eat solid food like yam and when sitting down. Could this be liver damage. My last Ultra sound scan shows nothing. The pain appears like food stuck in my intestine and when i drink of warm water and defecate it relieves. Please guys educate me on this
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I have similar symptoms which relieve in a similar way after a potential exposure yet my tests are negative for all markers. Makes no sense
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So whats really the cause of these pain
For my symptoms, I don’t know yet. I’ve attended experts in STI’s, Hepatologists, Infectious Diseases experts and they say I am fine but my symptoms are real. Something is wrong with me. My symptoms are similar to yours. Am wondering if I could have HBV and my markers are somehow delayed appearing
I was confirmed with H pylori in Feb but don’t think it explains everything I’ve experienced.
Guys plz educated I just receive another result of my HBV DNA which is now 138 IU/ml as opposed to the 61.5IU/ml last year. Am not presently on any antiviral but I did used lamivudine tenofovir disoprivil fumarate in 2016 for 7months but stopped it as directed by my Doctor.
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