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I need help

Hi 3 months ago accidentally my husband was diagnosed to have HEPA b. while her mother was hospitalized she needs blood and my husband offer his blood but unfortunately during the test we found out that he has a hepa b. To be sure we went to the doctor and have some test. And this is the result,

              Result         Count        cut- off            
HBSag      Reactive   1943              1.0

Is this serious? Is there a cure? please help
kindly explain to me this result.
thank you.
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Yes your husband is positive to Hepatitis B. When you got the virus when you are  adult the chance to clear the virus is higher. You need to consult a gastroenterologist and your husband need to have a hepatitis profile to check if he is chronic or in acute stage.
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thanks for the feedback. He had a hepatitis profile and we got the result today. And here is the result.

HBSAg            REACTive             1794           1.0
Anti-HBS         Non Reactive           2.00          10.0
HBeAg            Non Reactive           0.155          1.0
Anti-Hbe*         REACTIVE              0.565          1.0
Anti-Hbc*         REACTIVE              0.006          1.0

The doctor is our when we took the test result and we will be back tomorrow for the readings that is why We don't know yet if its chronic or acute. I'm really having difficulty in understanding the said illness. Please help me understand it.

I personally thank you for your reply. May God Bless you
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What was his igm anti hbc result?
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that's the only result given. the doctor said is not infectious anymore but he needs to continue medication.
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Your husband hepatitis profile is like mine also.  He is Inactive too but I'm not sure if he is Chronic or Acute. In my case I'm a chronic inactive carrier I'm not infectious but still I can  infect others our infectivity is very low but it doesn't mean you can't infect others. I think your husband is a Chronic carrier because when the virus is in acute stage the HBeAg is positive. It took many years that  HBeAg can be positive this test determines if your virus is infectious or non-infectious.
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HI again ..thanks for the information yes you are right my husband's Hepa is the same as yours. he's also chronic. How do you manage to live with it. See now it really bothers me coz since we found out about it i keep on searching for knowledge on  what kind of illness is this. I don't have much knowledge about it. Thanks to medhelp i am now having a communication to people who knew it. The problem right now maintaining the medicine prescribed by the dr is very expensive. we are only an below average income earner. :(

Really tight now I don't know on how could I sustain his medicine.
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Im sorry to hear about your hubbys diagnosis. Unfortunately any treatment is very expensive. My suggestion to you is to contact the pharmaceutical company that make your hubby's medication. For example, Gilead, which makes Viread, offers a patient assistance program for low-income individuals and sometimes those whose insurance doesnt cover a particular medication. Also there are websites that make it easier to help you find these assistance programs.


And if you dont find these medications listed, just google your drug and find the company's name and number and just call. Sometimes it may seem overwhelming and like a hassle esp with the new diagnosis, but persistence is an important factor in success.

Good luck!
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I can relate to your husband it very difficult to accept it since I found it out last 2005 I'm only 22 that time. Mahirap iaccept talaga lalo na clueless ako kung kailan at kung paano ko nakuha yung virus na ito. Di ko naman ito nakuha through sex ang suspetsa ko nakuha ko ito ng maliit pa ako sa pagkakatahi ko nun kasi malikot akong bata noon lagi akong nasusugatan. Sa ngayon wala akong iniinom na gamot kasi di ko naman kailangan ng anti-viral healthy carrier ako. Napakalaking hindrance lang ito sa paghahanap ng work at pag-aasawa. Nagpascreening ka na ba pati yung mga anak mo? Inaadvise kasi na magpabakuna yung mga kasama sa bahay ng hepatitis b carrier. In my case lahat ng kasama ko sa bahay ang parents ko at 2 dalawa kong kapatid ay vaccinated na sila at salamat sa diyos wala silang Hepatitis B ako lang ang meron. Mahirap laban sa sakit na ito ang depression at saka discrimination dito sa Pinas lalo na sa paghahanap ng work.
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Actually hindi pa ako nag pa screen..acdg to the doctor dapat nga daw na mag pa test din ako. I have a 6 yrs old son but he was completely vaccinated with the vaccine. Ako nalang ang may possibility na magkaroon pero I dont want to find out. I'm scared.

What are the circumstance of having this  I mean I'm really lost right now. On the other hand it's so nice to find out that my husband is not alone fighting with this kind of virus.

thanks for replying.
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Oo nakakatakot pero kailangan talaga magpascreening kasi lalo na pagbuntis ang mga babae kailangan para malaman nila kaagad kong may Hepatitis b sila para mabakunahan kaagad ang baby nila after 12 of delivery para di mahawa. Para may peace of mind ka na rin.
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I mean after 12 hours of delivery ng baby. Mahirap magmanage ng sakit na ito mentally and physically. Mahirap tanggapin at nakakadepressed. Ganun talaga siguro ang buhay lahat tayo may pinapasan na krus sa buhay. Dasal at pag-iingat sa sarili talaga ang kailangan.
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So what do you do when you got no money?  Sit down and die?
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