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I will appreciate another opinion my Hep B result, thanks

I am 33 yrs old male based in the US. Have suffered upper right quadrant  abdominal  pain for long and have done numerous ultrasounds with normal images. In 2016, I did a complete Hep B panel and Dr. said my results showed past infection which has been cleared up, hence immunity:
HBSAG: Negative

Are my result indication of immunity. THANKS IN ADVANCE
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As I understand it, you are immune from past infection and this is reflected by the HbcAb marker (assuming it’s Igg vs Igm). A HbsAb if 10 Il/u or more is considered protective
Thanks you for your insight. I just got out of the hospital after haven't been released for some severe abdominal pain. My PCP still ordered a bunch of blood work with Hep B, thinking that I might be going through some sort of reactivation but results still turned out negative for HBSG, Negative for AntiHepCore IGM. Also Hep B tests conducted last year showed that I had  antibodies to surface antigen of 140ml/dl . I was wondering that my pain could be result of some occult hepatitis considering that my pain came with a high bilirubin of 2.02 and normal lab ranges said 1.0. What are your thoughts about this bro?
If you are concerned about Occult HBV, you should seek a viral load test for HBV DNA though levels in Occult can be very low. Your HbsAb level combined with your +HbcAb may be what is termed an atypical HBV serology due to some mutation with the virus. Look up an article on google for atypical HBV serological by a guy called Pandu I think. It has an example of this as I recall
Bro thanks for this link. Read it and read it and picked out a lot from it. I will my PVP for a referral to an experienced hematologist. All these might be false positive with active replication within the hepatocytes. Where'r you based? Have felt like crap recently and my lab CBC had indicated this: persistent gradual increase in bilirubin over past 2 years, persistent reoccurring abdominal pain, persistent low wbc. THANKS AGAIN MAN
I am based in Ireland. Am in a difficult spot myself with this too. Been off for about 8 months now. Tests suggest I have nothing yet I continue with symptoms. Occult is a concern of mine too but an even rated version of it called seronegative Occult. And even rarer again, that I may have been seronegative right from the outset. They all think I’m crazy here and won’t entertain the idea because they have never heard of it. But I’ve read enough to write a thesis on it at this stage.
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Rated = rarer
THANKS BRO. FINALLY DID A PCR DNA test with Northwestern University Chicago IL and it turned out undetected. So my stomach pain could be my gall bladder. APPRECIATED YOUR FEEDBACK BROTHER
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