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Improvement after treatment

I am hepatitis b chronic for long time.
Last result showed elevated AFP 12 and mild fibrosis (METAVIR 2) .ALT 46 AST 25. Viral load undetectable without medications. Hbeag negative. Hbsag is more than 1000.
Currently. I feel pain under the right rib cage and tiredness. I also feel mind confusion and not attentive to detail.Increased appetite and no weight loss.
Doctor says no need for treatment despite the abdominal pain.
My question is. Would the pain and tiredness go away if I start treatment. How safe is the treatment ( historically what was the longest period that some one took drugs ).
Please help I feel so depressed.
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My friend. I am not sure if the pain will go away with treatment. But I used to have similar pain and I feel very strongly that taking vitamin D will likely make the pain go away. Do you take vitamin D?
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