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Inactive carrier can Develope cirrhosis in laps of 6or 7 months?

Being diagnosed with hepatitis b in February 2020.i was having digestion issues but after blood test and fibroscan my doctor told me am inactive carrier now am experiencing insomnia so I really don't know what is going on.is it possible in this laps of time to develop cirrhosis(from July 2020 inactive to January 2021)?
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I highly doubt you ll develop cirrhosis but anything could happen.

Being inactive could mean your load is low bc your liver is fighting it and that will make scar tissues in the liver over time.  That increase fibrosis and higher fibrosis might cause higher score on fibroscan and then cirrhosis can be detected.  

One thing I learned, although I do have my mentally good and bad days, where I feel I ll be dead from hep b related death, but worrying won’t cure anything or give you longer life. If anything it ll put your body in stress.
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There is also a thread in here where the person was 63 and never needed treatment.  Knew about his hep b for 30 + years.

That gives us hope
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no it takes decades of  active hepatitis and even if so only a small fraction can develop cirrhosis because damage is faster than liver repair
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