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Intellia Therapeutics Doomed To Fail With CRISPR/Cas9

Intellia Therapeutics Doomed To Fail With CRISPR/Cas9 Treatment For Hepatitis B Virus

Interesting article I found that argues why CRISPR/ Cas9 therapy is bound to fail:


Would be interested to hear what the forum experts (studyforhope and co) think about it...

I mean I wouldn't be a pig about it, I would be ok with just a seroconversion cure for now, and not a full sterilization cure, but still would like to know if there is such hope in the future for such a cure too.

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Haven’t you heard about Arrowhead? Looks like they are on something. A few weeks ago, they inked 3.6B deal with J&J. Cure may be soonee than expected. Fingers crossed.
Well that is just a seroconversion cure. It's not a sterilization cure. Meaning the virus DNA remains in your cells even if you get antibodies, so theoretically if your have any immune problems, the virus can return... That's why it would nice to fully sterilize it. But it's not easy as the article above explains...
It’s no different than chicken pox. If you had it, the virus is still in your body and maybe reactivated later on in the form of shingles. My dna and sag are very low so I just keep monitoring it. I was told it may resolve itself but I monitor that every 6 months. I hate it but it is what it is.
Airquake even if they remain low there is still only rare chance to clear it. My story is also the same and now I have stopped monitoring it leaving it on its own fate.
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The only time it can return is if you have imuno  suppressive treatments ie chemo however remnants of CCCDNA are hardly going to kill you or be infectious a "fully sterilised" cure would theoretically leave you vulnerable to reinfection and the actual nature of the immune  is that your blood works like a  memory bank of every single infection you've ever had you'll have some form of immunity to it ie anti bodies so it doesnt any time you pick up a cold you'll get a previous infection from something else. As ever a bit of a negative false narrative from a certain little man here
I meant full sterilization cure after seroconversion and development of antibodies so you can't get reinfected.
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It's going to be 2019 now and things which were in discussions from past 5years have started to shatter one by one. What will be left there when all the hopes gonna break one by one. By 2020 when everyone was expecting some breakthrough it's all becoming tougher.
Well the subject of the topic is why "CRISPR/ Cas9" doomed to fail... So I'm not really expecting much from this therapy or full sterilization cure in the upcoming years... Seroconversion cure I'm a little bit more hopeful as I predicted a cure by 2022.

As mentioned in my other future cure prospectives: "So here are my bets: 2022 - functional cure
2027 - full sterilization cure"
Your willing to bet on it? 2027  full sterilisation meaning full eradication of the CCCDNA in 100% of patients. How much are you willing to bet?
Given the thread article that CCCDNA most likely can't be removed easily with existing technology, I'm probably not sure about that anymore (my original prediction was on another older thread).  Maybe not full and defaintly not 100% of patients given mutations and everything, but at least something that reduce the number of cccdna in existing patients who already seroconverted will most likely exist by 2027, maybe as effective or safe, but something will be. Why not bet on the 2022 functional cure first? Lol
I'd guess there's a chance  of functional cure by 2022 ( with Replicor in the mix and goes as hoped ) my bet on that it gets rolled out to people 2027. Look at the history of HEP C cure so much messing around before it started getting to people. And still to this day some HEP C patients haven't received the treatment.

In reality once you've got hbsab level high it job done unless you have immuno suppressive therapy ie chemo..

I do hope it comes the  cure for HBV comes sooner rather than later.
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