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Interpret Hepatitis B Results

I recently went to donate blood and a few weeks later received the results below
Hepatitis B Core Antibody - Reactive
Hepatitis B Virus Nucleic Acid Testing - Non-reactive
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen - Non-reactive

What does this mean?
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In short. No sign of the virus at the moment but appears you may have had Hep B in the past and cured.

Although you haven’t got an apparent immunity so may be susceptible to a new infection.

You could get vaccinated.
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Thanks @Dadz1990 Don't I need to take Hepatitis B Surface Antibody test to confirm immunity? When I last tested in 2018, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen was also negative. The results then (2018) don't include Hepatitis B Core Antibody though.
Yes the Hep B surface antibody test is the one that tells care givers if you are immune.
Thanks...I took another test with my doctor and waiting on the final results. I will let you know how it goes.
Please do :-) will be interested to here.
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