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Ironman or Dark Knight?

Finally saw both movies.  Both were pretty darn good.  

For a superhero flick, Dark Knight was cerebral / psychological.  That's why Ironman more fun, therefore gets my vote.

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You guys don't watch movies huh...that's just sad ;)

Come on, let's start a movie thread.....hahaha
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I probably go to the movies once every couple of years and only rent a movie about twice a year....so yeah, I guess that is pretty sad. lol. I did rent Good Luck Chuck about 6 months ago and thought it was hillarious....does that count?

If it hasn't been on TV yet, more than likely, I have not seen it. I must live a sheltered life huh?

I could prob contribute to a TV thead with the best of them...haha. Mainly comedy shows like The Office, Family Guy, etc. Or possibly shows like Greys Anatomy thanks to my wife.
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Iron Man or Dark Knight?  Are you kidding me with this?

Mad Men or...oh, hell....Mad Men.  That's it.  End of story.

I'm more about television.
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It's amazing that we totally watch different shows.  Heard great things on The Office, Family Guy, Greys Anatomy but never watched these shows.  But least I heard of it, with Nash, we are at least on Mars.  Zelly is from Venus, cause I had to google Mad Men...lol.

I have basic cable, no DVR.  Since I am years behind in television and have no patience, I like to have whole season DVD on hand and hit the eps on my own leisure.  As such, I also love television...CSI, CSI Miami, Law and Order SVU, Without a Trace.  I love these type of shows.

As for movies, this is the generation of comic movies.  I was one of those kids that spent all his money on comics growing up.  It's an amazing experience seeing them in live action.  Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen anyone ;)

And Zelly, give Ironman a chance.  There was this one scene where this man says to Tony Stark, "you have everything but yet have nothing"....wow, how philosophical is that ;)
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Whoa there Stevie.... I'm quite a movie buff myself.... Name a film and i have seen it. Unfortunately i haven't seen the Dark Knight yet..... I will tho as the ratings and reviews came back outstanding... SO i guess its worth it then? Have you guys seen films like Superbad... Knocked up..... The oldies such as Last of the Mohicans, Planes/Trains/Automobiles...... Classics...

Family guy is amazing along with King of The Hill etc....

Movies? Lets chat about them....
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DVR has changed the way I watch TV and is the best invention for TV since the remote control. I never watch commercials anymore.

The only TV I actually watch LIVE is sporting events. I guess I find it hard to watch recorded sporting events because I know that it’s  already over and in some weird way I think if I’m rooting for my team while watching it LIVE, I can have some impact on the outcome though Karma, Positive energy, vibes or whatever you want to call it. Love the instant replay feature of the DVR for watching sports.

Pete, Knocked Up was the last movie I actually paid to see in the theater. Of course I like Katherine Heigl for obvious reasons and I think Seth Rogen is hilarious.

Superbad was one of the last movies I rented. I rented it because a friend told me it was one of the funniest movies he had ever seen and since I liked movies like American Pie, I thought I would like Superbad too. I don’t know if I was just having a bad day when I watched it, but I didn’t care too much for Superbad. I think we rented Wild Hogs at the same time and it was very funny.

Ahhh….Planes, Trains and Automobiles. How can you ever go wrong with Steve Martin and John Candy? I sure do miss John Candy….one of the funniest people ever.
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Those great memories of John Candy..... What an actor....

Actually nash you continue to surprise me as most of those films you mentioned are quite up-to-date and i'm thinking me and you have pretty similar tastes in films.... However, superbad was a great film, just the outrageous comments by your average Joe... Lol.... Just no nonsense straight talking teens who just wanna get it.....

Yes Katherine H is indeed a fine specimen but my top 1 is still always either Mariah Carey or Jessica Alba,..

Do you watch any live sporting events or just certain ones? I don't know if you guys watch MMA such as UFC.... Very big over here in the UK at the mo and some of the fighters really imspire me to continue my weekly weights sessions... Or monthly sessions realistically.

Here i thought we were in a Hep B forum....

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I mainly watch Football (American Football – Not soccer), Hockey, some Baseball and even Tennis.

A couple of guys that I work with are really into MMA/UFC, so I keep up with it a little bit, but not enough to buy the pay per view events. I do plan on watching Kimbo vs Ken Shamrock on the 4th because it is free. I think Shamrock is getting too old and Kimbo should win. But Shamrock is still dangerous.

One guy I work with has started training in MMA. He wanted me to start training with him but I had to laugh at that suggestion. I’m too old for all that and can’t afford the medical and dental bills…haha.

Steven….BTW tough break w/ the Mets…I really was pulling for them. At least the Giants are looking good this year. Unbeaten along with my Tennessee Titians. Oh, and Dallas LOST!!!  YES!!!
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Pete:  MMA was crazy when it first started.  Many felt like street fights.  I wasn't too interested.  Then they skilled up.  It was fun to watch a little guy submit a big guy.  I enjoy watching Pride a few years back.  Their atmosphere beats UFC.  The Pride woman announcer pumps you up.  Now I think the talents are getting old.

Nash:  Thanks.  This year I didn't feel too bad.  The misery ended quickly.  I knew we were not going anywhere because we got no pen.  The starters had to pitch complete game shut outs.  Even if they got in, they would get spanked by complete teams in the AL.  What I felt bad for was Shea and its Mets heros of yesteryear having to deal with the celebration afterwards.  They deserved better.

Now it's on to football.  I am very excited about our Giants.  I'm not too concern about repeating.  We have a good team and they will be fun to watch and that most important.  As a Giants fan, Washington or Dallas...hmmmm...it was easy...Go Washington...hahaha.  Before Dallas had classy players in Aikman and Smith...now they sign all these players that got booted from other teams for questionable behavior...win at all cost mentality...can't stand Dallas.  Good luck with your Titans.  I wonder in Greek Myth, who is stronger, a Titan or Giant?
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Steve:- Pride is way too violent for my liking man. The Japanese seem to delight piting two different weight fighters together and 99% of the time the bigger man wins whilst the little man goes thru intense pain.... You are correct with the skilling up but in my mind nothing beats UFC... The whole atmosphere made me believe Pride might have a bigger following but UFC has the money...

Nash:- you should train man.... Not only is MMA good for the 'just in case' but also the cardio you get from that is immense man...

As i consider myself an avid sportsman i am quite happy to learn more about different sports... I like watching NFL occasionally for the horrendous tackles but i have no clue on the actual rules.... Much like Baseball...
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