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Is My test result okay?

Please can anybody here interprete this result for me

HBsAg.       Positive
HBsAb.       Negative
HBeAg.       Negative.
HBeAb.       Negative
HBcAb.       Positive
Anti HCV.    Negative

HBV DNA.   1692

AST.               24
ALT.                23
ALK.               175

Abdominal sonograghy.Normal
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It is not ok in the sence that you are an hbv carrier. However, with those hbv carriers you are pretty ok with normal alt and low virus loads. There are not much more one can tell.
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HBV DNA count = 1692 as per your message. Is it in iu/ml or copies? Please confirm. I think, 1692 iu/ml. If yes, then please consult with your doctor once. If this is > 2000 iu/ml then doctor suggests for medicines or injections. But looking at the other results, i don't think, you need any medicines now. I would suggest, check your cholesterol and Vitamin D level. I hope, my response is valuable one to you.   helpful to you.
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