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Is anyone able to get on clinical trial of TherVacB

I see they are hiring patients for clinical trial in Europe. Is any one on trial. This will be complete HBV cure
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I have an appointment in 2 weeks. I'll ask if it's safe and If I can take part in it since one of the trials happens near me. But I don't know anything about it
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Great please keep us posted
I think treatment is for short duration. First they will knock out RNA followed by vaccine shot for three weeks
Unless you’re on treatment and it’s not working for you, you might want to think twice about hopping on a clinical trials.  

It’s not as easy or hopeful as it sounds.  
Agreed. There is always a risk. There can be side effects. However we need to be positive. Before human trial they do the complete check. Trial are always performed with close monitoring. Also this trial is not for long duration. So we can hope no sides
This is great news, but I can't find any information about a clinical trial for TherVacB. The European Commission consortium said: "TherVacB will be evaluated in a three-year clinical trial starting in 2022". TherVacB was invented by Prof Ulrike Protzer, using a prime-push approach for vaccination, now she has added reduction of viral HBsAg using RNAi before applying the vaccines. The existing approach to functional cure by others first use antivirals such as TDF or ETV to reduce viral loads, then use RNAi or NAPs to reduce viral antigens, the final step is to add an immunosimulator. So far the only immunosimulator used is Interferon which is problematic because of its side effects. To me , instead of using Interferon, a therauptic vaccine makes good sense.
It’s like curing cancer. With cancer you can attack specific areas, but once it spreads throughout the body, it’s not a good outcome.  With hepatitis b, if it was just in one region, just in liver, it might be easier cure, but it’s in the blood, reproductive system and everywhere else.  

They did cure hep c, but hep b is a more advanced form of virus. Hopefully one day a cure will come, but with the vaccine available, and the people under 30 mostly getting at birth, by 30 years or so, hep b will be a non concern for the world.

I think currently it’s just a “project” and not a real goal for the pharmaceutical companies.   Most of the hepatitis b meds are hiv medicine initially
What is the opinion of other members on it
A virus needs to be inside a cell to replicate. For HepB virus, the cell is the liver cell since liver cells have the right receptors that allow the virus to dock and enter.  A HepB virus cannot enter any of the blood cells, it can travel in the blood, but if it cannot find a liver cell, it will eventually die. There is a genuine need to find a cure for HBV as it is tremendous health burden. All the newer drugs in development, such as RNAi, NAP, capsid modulators, and therapeutic vaccines are specific to HBV and not HIV.
Below is the response i got from them couple months ago

thank you for your interest in our novel therapeutic vaccine candidate TherVacB and contacting us. Please apologize the late response in these disturbing times. But you haven’t missed any deadline so far, recruitment for the clinical trial has not yet started.

This medication is a development candidate which will soon be tested in humans for the first time. We currently plan to start the clinical trial from late summer 2022 on, starting in Germany (Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich) and then extending to study sites in Italy, Spain and London.

If you are interested in participating in one of the planned clinical trials, please let us know. Participation would mean to come to this study sites for several visits – pre-treatment, during the treatment and for the monitoring period thereafter (time frame in total ≥ 12 months). Details can be clarified later.

In addition, we are currently establishing a registry for patients with chronic hepatitis B. This will help patients to monitor their clinical parameters and possibly select a suited therapy for them by us and our network, e.g. include patients in one of the clinical trials of TherVacB – why you wrote to us. There is more information on the registry on the webpage: https://www.thervacb.eu/patients/. This registry study has already started in some study centers and will start soon in the remaining ones. Participating is always possible on a continuous basis. If you would like to participate, please let us know and we will connect you to the study center closest to your place. The study physician will clarify with you whether how to participate and what it all includes.
with Naps you can use both interferon or thysomsin alpha getting exactly same results with no sides effects on thymosin.i got this from someone inside, they used interferon just to get easier acceptance in the medical establishment
Does that mean we won't have any benifit from this trial or vaccine. Is it same old medicine with just new label.
Hi Melcul, Did you get the chance to talk to your doctor about this trial ?
i think NAPs and pdl1 drugs are the most safe/well known.naps have been studied on small trials but we have many years of patients records so no side effects suprises after many years.pdl1 are used on cancer patients and also there we have a lot of records over the years we just need to be sure infected cells in the liver are not too many
No, my doctor wasn't present at this appointment and I couldn't ask him, unfortunately.
Please give your current status of hbv.
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