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Is it possible to have normal sgpt/sgot with fibrosis/cirosis

Is it possible to have normal sgpt/sgot with fibrosis/cirosis.

i have chronic hepatitis B and i am on entacavir for the last 10 months with hbv dna<20iu/ml for the past 5 months.
off late i am getting a weird sensation on my right side and am wondering if its got anything to do with my Hep-B status.

all my LFT parameters are normal
last ultrasound in march was also normal

Also my diagnostic lab has this new blood test called enhanced liver fibrosis test (ELF),was wondering how accurate is this test.
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and it is possible to have abnormal alt and no liver damage
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Hi stef I have hbsag quantity 16852 iuml and fibroscan 32 what should I do I have pain
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I have pain in right side how long have you this disease when start pain?
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1 what about ELF test (enhanced liver fibrosis )? any use of getting it done.
2 how long does it take to get cirosis/fibrosis.My last ultrasound in april was normal ,can i develop fibrosis in 6 months
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fibroscan is better, more statistical studies on it

why do you mix fibrosis with US?only fibroscan can detect fibrosis
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steff: what cud be the reason for raised alt/ast in a normal weight individual without any pathology and alcohol intake. I know a couple of ppl with same. alt ast 2times normal? they show mild fatty liver and parenchymal changes in usg. no genetical and familial history?
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food, processed food is full of poison (chemicals, pesticides) or life style with no gym and so on
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