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Is it true that Hep B has a Cure?

I am a nursing student. My instructor told me that there's a cure right now. Five shots and each shot costs P 30, 000. However, the success rate is only 70-80%. Someone here ever heard of this? I know everyone here feels as bad as I am, and I hope we could help each other. God bless everyone!
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We are not aware of any cure for Hepatitis B. There is pegylated Interferon, a weekly injection over 48 weeks. It can cure some 20-30% of patients - the statistics vary according to how you select your patients, so it is not for everyone and there can be serious side effects.
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Thank you so much for answering. What are these side effects? Also, I have read some articles that said there are cures from Australia however distributing companies prevent them from hitting the market. Is this true? I stopped with my treatment a year ago and I am currently scared about my viral load and I still haven't checked for HBeAg. :( All I do is pray, try to eat healthy foods. I'm really depressed right now and I really want to stay in the medical field.
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Intfn combo ( with Tenofovir) therapy depends on diagnostic profile, like giving you rough idea ..........with low level of surface antigen and DNA level patient can go for infn therapy 4months in case patient is having e antigen positive and 12 months in case if e antigen is negative. Added that relapse cases are higher in latter case as compare to earlier one....................about sides..... yes many sides are there and even patient need to stop therapy....like paranormal platelet count, psychic sides, etc.

why you stopped your medicine ? get bk to forum with your diagnostics for appropriate response.
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There are drugs that could be potential cures in Clinical Trials but nothing in the market yet other than Interferon which doesn't work on most people.
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Did your instructor say the name of the drug?

There maybe something  we are not aware of here. Please find out.

But at the moment from what is approved for use only interferon has the best svr rate of any drug.
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There are no cures from Australia.
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