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Is new treatment that cleared hiv from a patient blood can be used for hbv?

I'm referring to this latest news about hiv research which is also a retrovirus like hbv:

"The new therapy works in two stages. Firstly, a vaccine helps the body recognise the HIV-infected cells so it can clear them out. Secondly, a new drug called Vorinostat activates the dormant T-cells so they can be spotted by the immune system."

Does hbv requires a similar "shock and kill" method of treatment to get rid of the persisting cccDNA in dormant hypocytes cells - to get a full sterile cure (not talking about seroconversion)?
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Yea i read that on the news yesterday let's see what out scholars Studyforhope, stiff & Stephen are their thoughts on this clinical
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I don't know much about HIV, but I don't think the treatment will help HBV.
First of all HIV is a RNA virus. On entering a CD4 Helper T cell(its preferred host, as opposed to liver cells for HBV), the virus needs to change is RNA into DNA, this reverse transcription is similar to that for HBV in its replication step, hence some HIV drugs will work for HBV too. Once the HIV RNA is changed into DNA, the DNA enters the nucleus of the  T cells, attaches to the host's genome, as a provirus and become dormant. When the HIV provirus is dormant, its host T cell is not recognised by the immune system as being infected. So to effect a complete cure, all dormant HIV infected T cells must be awaken first - this difficulty is akin to getting rid of cccDNA).
Just my understanding.
anyway curing hiv may be beneficial for us too indirectly, because top scientists may switch their work force to the other viruses.
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When these results are replicated in the rest of that cohort,  sustained over a period of years with absence of ART, and applied successfully to persons with longstanding HIV infections, then  maybe talk about an HIV cure.

In the meantime, there are plenty of new therapies for HBV undergoing trials. Things could be worse.
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i agree there are too many claims on hiv better wait for a real and big clinical trial and anyway we already have a cure to look for which is replicor
Replicor isn't a full sterile cure, is it? It's only to seroconvert. What if the immune system weakens later after you seroconvert? I think it's better if we get rid of all cccdna in the liver cells, how hard can it be?
Considering it's taken millions of hours to get treatment where it is now, incredibly difficult.

A 'complete' cure is psychologically reassuring. However, the only risk a resolved  hbv infection poses to the general population is in cases of chemotherapy or organ transplantation, where hbv infection is the least of your concerns. Hbv is already manageable to the point at which you are far, far more likely to die from heart disease, stroke, pneumonia or some kind of cancer other than HCC. The game now is replacing the inefficiency and variability of daily medications with a less fallible and more intuitive form of viral control i.e your immune system.  
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I just spoke to professor Lok and i asked her about the future treatment and trials. She told me that she had a meeting recently with the europeans and they talked about the trials etc... And they concluded that hbv is much harder to cure than hcv and they might not see a cure during their lifetime. so not sound like a great future waiting for us
I hope that proffesors have 80+ years :)
I think a very realistic assessment from Prof Lok. A lot of potential drug candidates are only in per-clinical or phase 1/2.
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The professor Lok is well known and she put most of the guidelines in US. She is old like maybe in her 60's or 70's
i hope she's wrong, sometimes i just wish all the drugs replicor, birinapant, abvax, all work together to make a super drug to cure hep b.
I can't but agree with prof Lok most of the trials seems to not progress or fail. It is also to say that she also said since hcv is cured more money will shift to find hbv cure
Would be intersting what studyforhope thinks about this latest hiv "breakthrough". With all the respect to Prof. Lok I think if they are able to cure hiv, hbv is a done virus and probably all the rest.
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