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Is there a link between hep b and high blood pressure?

I have hep b which I am dealing with and I have an elevated high blood pressure which I am going to check a doctor for. Most likely it could be family history, but I am only 32 and athletic and curious to know if there is a link and if anyone on here is dealing with both hep b and high blood pressure, with some advise how to handle both.  
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As u said it is familial. However I r athletic so it should be normal. Reduce Ur salt intake and avoid junk an oily foods. No till 140/90 is considered normal. If it is exceeding that then consider going to a doctor.
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This is a funny post, but not funny. The reason was because my blood pressure went up on my last visit and is the highest I have ever seen it. I need to diet and exercise more though, so we'll see in 6 months. But during treatment these past few years, I've typically been within normal range.
its good to here from you, i was just worried and curious about this thinking maybe it was my hep b, anxiety or medications. but its nice to know there isn't a strong link. also I have been trying to sleep more and jog more and have found it lowered my blood pressure a bit.  
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I'm not a liver specialist or a doctor, but after studying about this complex disease of chronic hepB on the internet, and from my own personal experience with the disease I would say YES there is a link to hypertension. I'm, for example, taking a daily hypertension medicine to control my blood pressure and has significantly helped me.
Chronic hepB is a very complex disease which has highly variable prognosis based on multiple criteria. According to the web page that I will link below, "Extrahepatic manifestations, which are thought to be mediated by circulating immune complexes, occur in 10 to 20 percent of patients with chronic HBV infection." And "The two major extrahepatic complications of chronic HBV are polyarteritis nodosa and glomerular disease."
PS. This is not to scare you or anyone else but I think it is good to learn about living with this highly complex disease.
Here is the link:
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