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It is possible?

Hello guys!
Do you think is possible to get hepatitis B or C after you drink warm coffee after one person?
this could maybe sound stupid but I'm curious and worried... That person is a colleague of mine, she seemed healthy.
I hope you can aswer my question, thanks!
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Do you think is possible to get hepatitis B or C after you drink warm coffee after one person?
absolutely impossible

a very small risk might come from somthing like an apple, when you bite it some blood is left on the fruit but this is not possible in a liquid

she seemed healthy.
you don t see that on the face, all serious illnesses that kill show up only when you are dying

why aren t you vaccinated for hbv?
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Hello Sir,

Good Day!

Here's my new test result yesterday kindly explain to me the situation especially regarding with the HBsAg and SGPT if these 2 test were increasing or decreasing and how you will read these numbers.... is it by million or hundreds?

Hope you will give me a clarification about this matter
And I hope that you will give me a name for medicine to get rid this problem of mine. Thank you.

Dec. 20, 2010                                               July 30, 2010

HBsAg       2112.0   < 2.0     R                   HBsAg          23.53           COV 0.13 R
AHBC IgM   0.07      < 0.8    NR                AHBC IgM   (0 PEI u/ml)     COV 10.0 NR
Anti - HBs  <2.00     <10.0    NR               Anti - HBs    (<5mul/ml 0)    COV 12.0 NR
HBEAg       0.42       <1.0     NR                  HBEAg      (0.00)             COV 0.10 NR

SGPT       66.0H  U/L  COV  30-65             SGPT           33.11 U/L       COV  0-41

DEC. 20, 2010                                                   JULY 30, 2010
ULTRASOUND REPORTS                                 ULTRASOUND REPORT

IMPRESSION:                                                  IMPRESSION:

MILD (GRADE 1) FATTY LIVER                         MILD FATTY LIVER  
Gallblader, pancreas and spleen                        NORMAL SPLEEN  
are normal

REST OF THE ULTRASOUND                          
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hbv vaccine cover all life, hbsab titer might get down sometimes but protection is still active even if antibody less than 10miu/ml
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I vaccinated years before, I don't know if the effect is still available.
But thank you a lot for your answer, now I'm more relaxed!
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