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Let's Come together and Help Each other.

I think we can help each other if we keep track of our diet and what we are eating. Let's learn from each other.

Don't be a by-stander just reading post. Let's try to help each other.
State what Foods you are eating and what supplements if any you are taking.

- I take vitamin D. Sometimes 5000IU a day. Sometimes 2000IU a day. When I take vitamin D, I can feel a real difference.
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Always tried to eat healthy and maintain a normal BMI. Last fibroscan on 3/27 after 4 years - is 5.1 kpa and median dB/m CAP measurement was 196. So i hope im doing something right :)
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What are your HepB test scores for DNA and Surface Antigen? And how long have you been taking vitamin D?
DNA has been undetectable since I started Tenofovir in 2018. My DNA before starting Med has always been low  < 118 iu/ml and sometime below undetectable level of 20 iu/ml.

HBSAg level since I started NUC

9/17/2020  - 2211
1/8/2020 - 2734
4/15/2019 - 3188
7/31/2018 - 2608
2/9/2018 - 2772

ALT/AST have not changed much in the past 6 years - ALT - 21 and AST 17 on 4/6/2021 .  

Vitamin D level in the past prior to the Hep B diagnosis back in 2012 was 14.3 and I remember I was prescribed a high dose of Vitamin D. Fast forward 2021 Vitamin D level fluctuates around - 50 - 66. So roughly I have been taken VitD on and off for almost 10 Years. My daily VitD regimen started when I first read people comments in this community in 2016-2017.

Normal AFP marker on 4/6/2021 - 5.7 ng/ml.

(AFP), AFP-L3, DCP - triple marker on 1/7/2021  -  Total AFP mildly elevated 7.1 , AFP-L3 < 1.0 and DCP < 1.0.  
What does NUC stand for?
I meant Tenofovir medication....
Do you take zinc?

I did a test once and my zinc levels were very low. So I started taking zinc.
I don't take zinc supplement alone. However I do take multi-vitamin occasionally that contains zinc.  Try that and have a well balanced diet....
Do you ever skip days when taking vitamin D?
I don't believe you need to take Vit D religiously as long as your level is higher than normal. I do skip time to time but I never skip Tenofovir...:) . Right now, I haven't taken any supplement in almost 7 days and planned to start again tomorrow. Sometime i would take it 30 days straight and skip couple of days. I leave in FL so we do get decent amount of sunlight. So I spent this past weekend on the beach with the family... Please check with your doctor as well. Mine told me to keep doing what I'm doing.
There is a video presentation that I wanted once where they spoke about experiments with prostate cancer and vitamin D and one of the comments the guy presenting made was that some vitamin D is utilized immediately after intake. He said that they found that in order to see the reversal of the prostate cancer, they had to take vitamin D every day. He said taking once in a while or just having your levels above a certain point was not enough. My take away was that the real benefits came from consistently taking. For example, I hypothesize that taking 3 does of 2000 IU is more effective than taking one dose of 6000IU.
My doctor told me he just follows guidelines. That's it. He would not even prescribe anything for until things get bad.
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On and off Vitamin D 5000 IU + Vitamin K2 (MK7) 45mcg + Tea spoon of Fish oil  + milk thistle . For breakfast - Gluten free, vegan Steel cut oatmeal with strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and nuts. Sometime egg  and gluten free taco or flat bread. Occasional red meat (once every 2 weeks) but mostly leafy vegetable and seafood (shrimp, Salmon, Bronzini, etc..) and sometime chicken. Low carb  diet - small amount of brown rice  + gluten free taco and lot of vegetables but experience a lot of bloating. Drink only water.  
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