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Let's talk about supplements, diet, and foods

Hello everyone

The intention of this thread of mine is to discuss the recommended supplements, diet, and food for CHB people. I know lots of threads contains these information but they are scatterrf in many, many threads in this forum and also scattered across the web and it will take forever for me to compile them into one repository so might as well create this one where users can share :)

Who knows, we may be able to concoct and come up with a great set of supplements/ diet for CHB people in different regions of the world.

If we can post links here of studies then the better :)

To start, I currently take the ff everyday

* Milk Thistle
* Multivitamins w/o iron
* Psyllium Fiber

* Breakfast and Dinner consists mainly of fruits and vegetables
* Lunch I eat (almost) anything but max of 1 rice only. I veer away from fatty and greasy foods.
* LOTS of water

Read from that the ff has some synergistic effects for HBV when under treatment
* Vitamin D3
* Vitamin E
* Gluthatione
* Alinia (?)

Read that the ff has some antiviral properties but are unproven
* Virgin coconut oil- im planning to make myself a guinea by consuming this everyday for a prolonged period of time and measure my HBVDNA and HBSAG quant.

Share your diet, recommended supplements, and also WHAT TO AVOID :)

More power!
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Black rice for losing weight and liver cell regeneration.
Red rice for anti cholesterol purposes.
Curcuma pills 3 per day for liver cell regeneration(antyoxidant)

3 or 4 cups of coffee per day for protective properties.

Avoid dairy products except yoghurt wich is good.( not sure but that is what i read)

Last but not least avoid alcohol and beverages with that sprinkle like cola redbull...
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What is curcuma?

I am a coffee drinker myself, though 3-4 cups is a tad too much for me already.I consume 2 cups everyday and live a healthy life.
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Curcuma is turmeric. add black pepper for better absorption ...

her's the article http://www.naturalremediescures.com/2008/06/benefits-of-curcumin-turmeric-enhanced-by-black-pepper/
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Anyone tried mangosteen? Read that mangosteen has high levels of antioxidants called xanthones. Would u guys recommend it? :)
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Why not Multivitamins + iron? it's one of my list.
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Hepb loves iron :) it stimulates the replication of the virus when there is an abundant amt of iron in the blood/ liver. Just get the rda of iron and dnt take iron supplements.
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