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Liver Function Tests Just Came out

I have just received the following results

Liver Function Tests = Bilirubin - total, direct & indirect, SGOT, SGPT, GGTP, Serum proteins, Alkaline phosphatase

Bilirubin (Total) 1.00 mg/dl      0 - 1

Bilirubin (Direct) 0.26 mg/dl     0 - 0.6

Bilirubin (Indirect) 0.74 mg/dl   0.1 - 1

SGOT (AST) 47.9  U/L         5 - 40

SGPT (ALT) 66.0  U/L          7 - 45

Alkaline Phosphatase 62.0 U/L         40 - 129

GGT 49.7 U/l                       8 - 78

Total Proteins 7.6 g/dl          6.3 - 8.6

Albumin 5.0 g/dl                  3.7 - 5.6

Globulin 2.60 g/dl                1.8 - 3.6

A/G Ratio 1.92 g/dL            1.1 - 2.2

HBeAb - Antibodies to Hepatitis B envelope Antigen - [Serum]

HBeAb - Antibodies to Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen     0.30 (POSITIVE)  

Index <0.40 Positive,0.40-0.50 Negative

I have also been having having some abdominal pains, back aches and itchy skin...

Can anyone help make meaning to the above?
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in terms of liver damage they are meanless, liver damage can be measured by fibroscan only or biopsy, but it doesn t worth to make a biopsy for this fibroscan is much better for monitoring while biopsy can t monitor
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