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Low HBV_DNA..... Higher Immune...?

Is it true lower the HBV DNA Higher are the Immune activity or say immune system gets activated  or can be activated more ?
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almost 100% of humans on earth have CMV, EBV and herpes 1, we have millions of viruses/bacteria in our bodies that live peacefully in balance with us.... the key is having an immune system which works well and immune system is mainly damaged by some todays drugs, food which has added chemicals and which is not fresh...so losing these balance because of weak immune systems reactivates those peaceful viruses in us

vitd, organinc fresh food with no chemicals, moderate exsercise are the keys of keeping good health in genral

as to hbv only hbsag level can predict the immune system strenghth and hbv clearance when it reaches low values
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Yes it is true with all infections. Why do think people that catch HIV just have everything that was in them slowly kill them?

Immune system is the key here. What activates it? For now interferons and imiquimod - not evaluable in  a pill form but is on trial by Gilead as GS9620  they are doing phase 1 trials of this thing. That is for sure will be tolerated better then synthetic interferon injections.
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During the acute HepB infection lower dna and or lack of symptoms usually leads to chronic infection. That was my case unfortunately.

Why that is perhaps senior members here can comment.  There is belief that some people may be infected with the mutant viruses from the get go  thus the immune response is lacking.

Other researchers often find that hbv chronic carriers have other viruses such as herpes family viruses like CMV and EBV.

CMV is known to be an immune stressor for  life. Also is linked to arthero sclerosis.  

EBV does something to  B cells.

And even though these viruses cause no noticeable problems  in most adults how they modify the immune system is poorly understood. and how it can influence the immune function  of hbv infected person.

That is why really in the perfect world virologists and immunologists should really treat us not  digestive disease doctors  like gastrointerologists.
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no hbvdna level doesn t reflect immune system response or hbv clearance, it is hbsag quantity to reflect both immune system and to predict hbv clearance
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It is very hard to answer your question. I would express my personal views.

If you have a low viral load without medication, it would certainly mean that your immune system is actively controlling the virus and limiting its replication. It would certainly be interesting to know how the immune system maintains that control.

However, if your viral load is kept low by taking medication, what is your immune system doing? It would seem that it is "resting", at least the part that is specific to HBV as there is an absence of enemy? Recent research seems to indicate that HBV specific immune functions are being restored during the period of low viral load. This is based on the assumptions that years of fight the virus lead to exhaustion, deletion and anergy. However, knowledge about the interaction between virus and our immune system is still emerging, this simple view may be incorrect or need refinement.
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hbvdna is kept down usually by cytokines like gamma intf but this doesn t mean exactly higher immune response, unfortunately we dont have immune markers for hbv

we have these two scenarios for example:
hbvdna und, normal ast/alt but high hbsag, high cccdna with no long term resolution and no resolving immune response.

while we may have declining hbsag with high alt and low/medium hbvdna which leads to lower hbsag year by year, but this can also lead to mor e liver damage
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