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Merry Christmas

Sorry to have been away so long.  Just needed a break from Hep B for a while.  Planning on getting back into the fray once I get caught up here.  Hope y'all are doing well.
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Good to see your post Zelly.  I hope all is well.  Wish you a wonderful Christmas and happy and healthy new year.

As for haven't been here for a while, I call that healthy pacing.  It's good to forget about HepB and focus on other things for a change.  

We don't need more victims of forum / HepB burn out :)
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Zelly, It's great to see you back on the forum.

I've been taking some extended breaks from the forum myself. We may have to live with HBV, but we don't have to think about it every day. Most days it only crosses my mind when I take that big blue pill.

Here's wishing a Very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all the members of out humble forum.

Now I've got to get ready for the "A Christmas Story" marathon on TBS....."You'll shoot your eye out kid"   lol.

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steve, what burn out man.. ive been away from the forum for hmmm lets be nice and say a month ? shame on you ..hahaha

zellyf, happy holidays to you too

yes its healthy getting away and coming back.. i just came back after hmm again a month lay off..

havent missed much it seems.. thought i'd come back for a cure from hepB..
eh oh well, maybe "next year" :-)
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