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My Clinical Trial (TDF vs. TAF) Post Medication Resutls

Wanted to see if anyone can offer any advice. Before I started this, I did not have all these results. My viral load started a 276,000 when I first learned of Hep B, spiked up to 5 million, 12 million and now this (and last result actually was 23 million but I do not have those results in front of me).

Is this an active Chronic infection? Any chance to tell how long I've had this? Or are there any tests to determine how long I've had it?

CBC Results:
WBC - 7.0
RBC - 4,79
Hemoglobin - 14.8
Hematocrit - 45.1
MCV - 94
MCH - 30.9
MCHC - 32.8
RDW - 13.8
Platelets - 254
Neutrophils - 56
Lymphs - 32
Monoctyes - 9
Eos - 3
Basos - 0
Neutrophils (absolute) - 3.9
Lymphs (Absolute) - 2.3
Monocytes (Absolute) - 0.6
Eos (Absolute) - 0.2
Baso (Absolute) - 0.0
Immature Granulocytes - 0
Immature Grans (Abs) - 0

Comp. Metabolic Panel
Glucose - 83
BUN - 20
Creatinine, Serum - 1.16
eGFR If NonAfrican Am - 81
eGFR if African Am - 93
BUN/Creatinine Ratio - 17
Sodium, Serum - 142
Pottasium, Serum - 4.1
Chloride, Serum - 103
Carbon Dioxide, Total - 24
Calcium, Serum - 9.6
Protein, Total Serum - 6.6
Albumin, Serum - 4.3
Globulin, Total - 2.3
A/G Ratio - 1.9
Bilirubin, Total - 0.5
Alkaline Phosphatase, S - 71
AST (SGOT) - 61
ALT (SGPT) - 115

Urinanalysis Gross Exam
Specific Gravity 1.027
pH - 6.0
Urine-Color - Yellow
Appearance - Clear
WBC Esterase - Negative
Protein - Negative
Glucose - Negative
Ketones - Negative
Occult Blood - Negative
Bilirubin - Negative
Urobilinongen, Semi-Qn - 0.2
Nitrite , Urine - Negative

HBV Real-Time PCR, Quant
HBV IU/mL - 18,907,000
log10 HBV IU/mL - 7.277
HBV Copies/mL - 110,040,000
log10 HBV Copies/mL 8.042

Panel 083824
HIV 1/0/2 Abs-Index Value <1.00
HIV 1/0/2 Abs, Qual - Non Reactive

HBV Genotype/PreCore
HBV Genotype - HBV Genotype D detected
HBV PreCore Mutation - Basal Core promoter mutation at 1764 was detected. HBV PreCore Mutation 28 was detected.

Prothrombin Time (PT)
INR - 1.1

AFP, Tumor Marker (serial)
AFP, Serum, Tumor Marker - 1.7

TSH - 1.770

PTT, Activated
aPTT - 26

Hep B Surface Ab
Hep B Surface Ab, Qual - Non-Reactive

Mitochondrial (m2) Antibody - 2.8

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy - 59.6

HCV Ab w/Rflx to Verification
HCV Ab - 0.1

Phosphorous, Serum - 4.0

Antinuclear Antibodies Direct
ANA Direct - Negative

Ferritin, Serum - 258

HBsAg Screen - Positive Abnormal

Hep Be Ag - Negative
Hep Be Ab - Positive Abnormal
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab - 8
Hep B Core Ab, Tot - Positive Abnormal
Hep A Ab, Total - Negative

So yes, happy my vitamin D levels went up from 14. Still feel I could use 20 more points on there. Also need Hep A vaccine. The rest is good, except for the Hep B portion which I need to clear.
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Sorry, the title meant to say PRE Medication results.

That being said, for numbers sake, I'm just going focus on the liver and Hep B numbers that were given to me prior to taking meds.

HBsAg - Positive
HBe Ab - Positive
HBe Ag - Negative
HBV DNA IU/mL - 22,300,000 (Increased from 18 million a month ago)
AST- 99
ALT - 219

I asked about the major increase in liver fuctions and they said that the numbers are different than the prior labs because it's a different lab
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Wanted to share the last test I had, the day I started to take medication, right before I took it. Here:

Fibr. Score - 0.16
Fibr. Stage - F0, No or minimal Fibrosis
ALT - 179
AST - 82

HBV DNA IU/mL - 18,400,000
HBVLog10 - 7.26
HBe AB - Positive
HBe Ag - Negative
25- Hydroxy Vitamin D - 76.6 ng/mL

Somehow, my liver enzymes reduced as did my viral load.... without being on meds. Go figure! I'll share more after next blood test to see how much as reduced.
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Sorry, my HBsAg - Positive

Is ther a way to edit these posts? I keep forgetting to add things.
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no need to post all tests, only hbvdna pcr and hbsag quantitative are important
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Thanks, Stef.. that's what I'll focus on going forward.
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Hello Stef,

Although his HBEAG is negative, he has high level of HBV DNA. What do you think about it? Any mutant?
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it is not important, tdf or the new tdf formula work totally indipendently from bcp/precore, hbeag pos or neg, hbvdna and hbsag levels

another important thing is, for those planning sequential, pegintf result is indipendent from genotype, bcp/precore, hbeag.only hbsag and ip-10 levels matter for response
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what do you mean by the new tdf formula?
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Not sure if you can see this, but this is the clinical trial I am on and probably what Stef means with the new formula:

TAF vs. TDF for the Treatment of HBeAg (-) CHB – U.S. and International
Evaluate the safety and efficacy of tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) compared to that of tenofovir disproxil fumarate (TDF) in treatment naïve and experienced adults with CHB as determined by the achievement of HBV DNA <29 IU/mL at Week 48.  
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Wanted to share with everyone my new results after one month on clinical trial treatment. I'm only going to share the numbers that are relevant. Keep in mind, they did not do all the tests this time around (such as Fibroscan, HBsAg, Vitamin D, etc.). Those tests are done on certain schedule for the clinical trial. But here is the great news:

Total Bili: 0.2 mg/dL
Dir Bili: < 0.1 mg/dL
Ind Bili: < 0.2 mg/dL
ALT (SGPT): 88 U/L
AST (SGOT): 48 U/L
HBV DNA IU/mL - 40,200

Yes, a HUGE drop!  

Still not undetectable. I think the goal is below 48 IU/mL for the clinical trial. Hoping that happens within 6 months and my body naturally seroconverts...
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Also, wanted to share my experience so far into it. At first, I thought I was getting cold spells 2 days into the medication. I was concerned with lactic acidosis so I asked my doctor and he said it never happens with Hep B patients on these meds. He said it was just a warning put on the label. Turns out, it was just the air conditioning being raised in the building I work in :)

I did have some nausea the first few days while taking these meds. At first, I was taking it with lunch and wasn't feeling right during the day. So I decided to take this before bed. Bad idea, as I had food in me but wasn't digesting right. So, I now take this at 8-9pm when I usually eat my late dinners. That made a huge difference.

I also had some diarrhea the first week on this. My stools, got a little lighter while on these meds. Nothing of concern though. I've had brief "dizzy" spells of 5 seconds or so, again nothing to be concerned with. Also, skin itching.. which I attribute to the Hep B.

Those were the worst side effects I had. Now, onto the good:

-My strength feels as if it's returning while on these meds. Not 100% but about 70% there

-My brain fog, while still there, is slowly lifting. Some days good, some days bad

-The good weight I had lost when this all started and went active, is coming back.

-Sleeping patterns are pretty good and my appetite is back to normal.

-Tinnitus (ringing) in my ears also reduces. I noticed if there was anything I did that affected my liver -- such as taking motrin or not eating the best foods, it would increase.

These are the upsides. I'm also sober -- alcohol free since I started the meds. I've had many offers for many drinks too, and I've turned them all down. No real pressure to drink from friends or other people, thank God!
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Based upon my latest and prior results and after 1 month treatment on Tenofovir, what needs to change with these numbers (Obiously lower ALT and AST and Viral Load, but what else?)

Total Bili: 0.2 mg/dL
Dir Bili: < 0.1 mg/dL
Ind Bili: < 0.2 mg/dL
ALT (SGPT): 88 U/L
AST (SGOT): 48 U/L
HBV DNA IU/mL - 40,200
HBe AB - Positive
HBe Ag - Negative
25- Hydroxy Vitamin D - 76.6 ng/mL
HBsAg - Positive

Fibr. Score - 0.16
Fibr. Stage - F0, No or minimal Fibrosis

HBV Genotype/PreCore
HBV Genotype - HBV Genotype D detected
HBV PreCore Mutation - Basal Core promoter mutation at 1764 was detected. HBV PreCore Mutation 28 was detected.

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