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My HBsAg Quantitative has gone UP since March of 2020

In March of 2020 it was at:
1318.00 IU/mL

In September 2021 it is now at:
3599.00 IU/mL

Meanwhile my doctor told me it was a "400" to try to get me on the recent clinical trial. I don't think now having such a high number would be good for me to get on this, unless I am missing something. I've been on TAF knowingly for 5 years now.... and on viral medications since 2014 all together.

Would love to hear some thoughts here.
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my hbsAg quantity recent is: 17888.36 UI/mL, down from 23k, which it su*ks... still high. HbvDNA under the limit of detection, on etv 0.5mg for 6 years now.... I'm waiting for vit D results..
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