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My Yearly HBSAG Quantitative

Hello All,

It was time to do my hbsag yearly test while I was in Germany. I use the same doctor always so most likely same lab. I think my hbsag is decreasing with every test. See the trend below:

HBSAG (Quant.) ECLIA (<0.5)

August 8   2014    223.70 IU/ML
August 26 2014    220.80 IU/ML
August 11 2015    147.80 IU/ML
August 11 2016      79.33 IU/ML

What do you guys think?
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Excellent you have a very low level.are you under treatment?
I already observed I only got malaria infection when I ran out black seed suppl.

i think hbv + repeated malaria infection is bad,very bad.

black seed seems one bullet for  All.
also it did I great job relieving my   hey fever, toothache and gives me good sleep at night.

The only thing I hate is its bitter taste!

thanks to Safisifa,  he is the first one who mentioned it here!
With all respect let us try not to give false hope for members. My decline was the same before black seed started notice from 220 to 147 i was not on black seed but from 147 to 79 i was.

I will continue with black seed however i just want to be clear on that.
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Nope still no treatment at all. I&#39; seeing my professor in october and i will show her the result. Last year she told me not significant change in hbsag and she would like to see more trend. I wonder what she will say now
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how about dna and other things?
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Significant change would be a drop about 1 log, so from 223 to 22, your decline is close to this. Nice :)
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very good trend, i think you ll slowly clear simply by healthy life styles
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are you still on black seed?could you tell black seed is doing something?
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I stoped blackseed 4 months ago so i dont think it is playing role in that. However since now i have these data from 2 years do you still think i will drop about 70 unit per year? So at this rate will i really lose hbsag by end of next year? Again im using the statistics as it is going down about 70 unit per year
I think black seed playsa rôle if i were You I continue to take it.also I think it works even we stop it.same thing for me when I start eat it my DNA start lowering very fast and my ASAT alat excellent.some times I take it and sometimes I stop it but it benifit continue.how many monthes you used it?
I used it for 1 year. I will start on it again
flyinsky Can you please Explain in detail  The DNA and your LFT
Pre and post black seed.
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You should use interferon. Maybe you will clear faster. Maybe few months. Good luck!!
idont think we can apply statistics unless the percentage of lowering has always been the same in the same amount of time.i guess when it reaches very low it will slow clearance rate too
mike if you are genotype A and your alt is risen you may think about trying interferon, of course if decline will stop, for now just observe. I hope you will clear naturally ! :)
I'm genotype D. My argument is if we consider this drop from 220 to 79 in 2 years significant or is it just not very promissing
i d say significant anyway as long as decline is continuous.as long as we dont have up and down pattern hbsag will be slowly cleared
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What are these black seeds? And Mike9111 what you did throughout these 2 years ? Please advice me as I badly need one ... Please and thank you
what do you need? google black seed, you know what it is
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Nothing special. I don't drink alcohol. I minimized eating meat in my meals and used chicken instead. Like i stated before black seed will not cure or fast decrease your hbsag. Black seed is healthy for you and will help your immune system just like honey or curcumin etc...
I'm not trying to be negative but i'm just trying not to give false hope for everyone. The key here stay healthy and fight if we meant to clear this disease we will otherwise let us enjoy what is left in our lives
interesting, i read somewhere, an oriental medicine woman said hbv hates chicken.
i am serious
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Black seeds are sunflower seeds?
no, other name is nigela sativa
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Chimpz, what do you mean by hbv hates chicken?
that is if you have hbv, and not eating pork/beef-related products but eating chicken can help your body to fight against hbv. why? i dont know, but the woman who said those things, concluded from experience only, she had hbv patients.
my experience: few years ago got a lot of acnes on face and medicines did not help. after a year of suffering, i thought my liver could not process those toxics from pork/beef so i had acnes (i ate alot of bad meat products like fried smoked pork since i came to EU) and immediately a month later acnes appeared. I never had acnes in my life before. I stopped pork/beef then, then skin improved slowly, still acnes and until 2 years after this diet, now i have no acnes anymore, still do not dare to eat pork/beef, just very rare and little.
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Aaa! I understood now. I have also acneea on my shoulders and backside of the body. Could be this related to hbv? And i have it for more years. Is there anybody with acneea problems here? I mean not full of acneea but from time to time it appear....
i think so, and you have same thing with my sister. she has got a lot of tiny acnes on her back. Now it apprears also on her chest. how do you deal with it?
I think Acne is related about hormanal change or deficience not hbv.
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I don't have. I dont think it's related HBV. But I have shoulder pain since 20 years, may be it's because of my overweight.

I can't corelate this with HBV because I got this HBV in recent years 4-5 years only.
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Congrats on the drop Mike !
Thanks it just adds a mystery to my disease. Hbv dna fluctuate between 2000 and 20000 iu while hbsag decline to 79 iu.

The dilema i have is when usually hbv dna start to decline as well or go undetectable? Is it when i lose hbsag?
it's usually impossible to have hbv dna positive and hbsag negative because hbsag is part of the coat of the virion too plus most of the people has a lot of free hbsag. ok, sometimes it happens but it's the test sensitivity and different methods of detection used.
Remember that IU of virions (hbv dna) is not the same as IU of HBsAg.
I understand they are not the same and very rare to lose hbsag with detectable hbv dna. I just want to know in my situation for example what should i expect:

My hbsag went from 220 iu to 79 iu in 2 years.
My hbv dna fluctuate from 2000 iu to 20000 iu in the same 2 years.

If my hbsag continue to decline when should i start to see my hbv dna going down to be undetected?
i guess that hbvdna will go down but not undetectable yet when hbsag is 1iu/ or less.it will probably get to und when hbsab will rise preventing cells reinfection
it also varies a lot from patient to patient, i guess it is due to mutations of hbv or type and immune response power
Thanks Stef that is what i needed to know
Can some one really negative with hbv
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Good numbers fingers crossed you clear it :)

I appreciate you dont want to give people false hope but hey good news is always welcome :)
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Hi Steff hepatities B patients bill rubin has nill it is posible.

because of my side doctors said values are very high but all test are normal except hbsag values are first test value is 7010
here no units. and second test value is 483 iu/ml units. plese help me...
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