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My feedback on Entecavir +Interferon combo

I live in France. End of 2004 (I was 37) I discovered that I had chronic hepatitis B when my doctor saw a suspect ALT flare and asked for an additional blood test.
These are the results I had in January 2005:
Transaminases: AST: 95 UI/l, ALT: 216 UI/l
HBsAg +, HBcAb +, HBsAb -, HBeAg +, HBeAb -
ADN VHB: > 35000000 IU/mL
Liver biopsy result: A1F1

In February 2005 I started taking Hepsera.
Transaminases lowered to normal values in July 2005. HBV DNA values also lowered.
Phosphorus went down due to Hepsera.

In December 2005 the HBV DNA started to raise again showing that Hepsera was no more useful. My doctor added Lamivudine (Zeffix) on top of Hepsera.

In June 2008 the HBV DNA became undetectable. My doctor decided to move to Entecavir (Baraclude) 1mg.

In September 2009 I had HBe seroconversion: HBeAb +, HBeAg -

In September 2011 HBsAg was 4087 UI/mL. HBV DNA was always undetectable.

In September 2012 my doctor convinced me to add interferon (Pegasys) on top of Entecavir (even if I was really afraid by the possible side effects). After three months (Week 12) of entecavir + interferon combo the HBsAg was around 700 UI/mL (I don't have here the precise figure). After six monts (Week 24) HBsAg was 39 UI/mL.

My next blood test will be end of May.
I have some side effects due to interferon and sometimes I feel very tired. Neutrophils are very low (once they went down to 600/mm3). But the results I had until now convinced me to continue my weekly injections (even if I don't like at all to do injections all alone).

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seems to be good.. are you infected since birth? what's your genotype?
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In 2004 (when I discovered my illness) the doctor told me that, in his opinion,  the infection had happened 5 years before.
I don't know my genotype. I've checked on the web and I saw that this information is important because (according to Wikipedia) different genotypes may respond to treatment in different way. I should ask my doctor. But I remember that a few years ago he told me that my virus was common in the mediterranean area, so maybe (always according to Wikipedia) it is type D. But I should check with him.
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How about sides? Did you experience depression?
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I did not experience depression. I don't know if it is because of my normal nature (I tend to be always optimistic) or because I have good friends (who are not aware of my illness but I prefer this way) or because I live in an amazing town or just because I'm lucky.
But I had to go through some difficult moments, in particular at the beginning of my  treatment. I always walked a lot but at that time I was unable to walk more than 15 minutes. And also I have sometimes some moments when I have a strange feeling in my head (I feel confused and dizzy). And my skin is very dry (this is another known side of interferon).
But I'm mainly concerned by neutrophils now: they are low (around 0,8 last month) and each time that I have a little bit of fever I start to worry.
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do not worry.. i had 2 ifn course 135mg shot and neutrophils were always 0.6 / 0.85 no more..
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it is so good to see that you confirmed the combo trials and i see you had high hbsag baseline at 4000iu/ml when you started.so it is not important the hbsag quantity at 1000iu/ml or less but the number of years under antiviral therapy

you are of course a 100% responder and sure to clear hbv, as to neutrophils i just checked hcv community where they use intf combo as the only available therapy and have much worst sides than hbv.in case of low netrophils or low plts there are drugs to use before lowering pegintf dose and the values are neutrophils constantly lower than 500 and plts less than 20-25


the drug to increase neutrophils when less than 500 is Neupogen

i hop to have a similar response as you when adding intf, this will be my forth year on antivirals and your results push me to try pegintf add on even if my hbsag is at around 3600-4000iu/ml
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