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My lab results of HVB-DNA and qHBaAG??

Hi All,

My lab results show following thing;

1) HVB-DNA: 5205 IU/mL, 17,749 Copies/mL
2) qHBsAG: 271.78 IU/mL (positive)

What does it mean, is it bad? What is the next step.


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u have avery low hbsag, go with interferon injections and u may clear it completely but not surely
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very good that HbsAg is low, how is your alt and do you know your genotype ?
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peginterferon plus vitamin d3 minimum 10.000iu daily and if available to you gcmaf to protect from peg sides
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May I know what is alt?, and I don't know my genotype, I think i can test it. May I know what is the use for Heptitis B?? Thanx for the info :)
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thanx for the info, if i take these medication, does it lowers the risk of developing liver cancer? or it really makes the virus in rest state. Thanks in advance.
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