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My profile and Results

I'm an HBV carrier since birth like most of the members and I did lot of tests in the past year. My hepatalogist is one of the world leading in HBV professor Anna Lok. My results are fluctuating and I'm on no treatment and never been on treatment. I tried to put as much info on supplements I took and duration as well with the time frame.

LIVER BIOPSY  Read negative for Fibrosis

ALT/AST Within Range

ALT/AST Within Range

HBV DNA   2670 IU/ML
ALT/AST Within Range
Ultrasound  Coarsened Liver

June 2014
AST  18
ALT   20
Ultrasound  Subtle Coarsened Liver

August 2014 (Test done in Germany)
AST   25
ALT    39
HBV DNA   38200 IU/ML
Vitamin D   32 ng
Started vitamin D 6000 iu

September 2014
AST    36
ALT     55
HBV DNA   9472 IU/ML

December 2014
AST   19
ALT    21
HBV DNA   303 IU/ML (Very low)
Started black Seed every morning with food
Pure Honey one spoon on empty stomach in morning

March  2015
AST   26
ALT   36
Vitamin D  23 ng
HBV DNA   4608 IU/ML
FIBROSCAN   4.7 KPA (Much lower than previous read from june)

My professor before fibroscan was thinking of trying interfron for a year after i kept asking and she said if fibroscan show worsen than my last reading but it came way below that. She did say few things that align with what Stef and others been saying. I asked her if i should go nuc first to get undetectable DNA before interfron and she said in my case interfron mono would be ok since my hbv dna is not elevated. Also she said that precore mutant will not increase the risk of hcc but the genotype C and basal core are the one that at increase. In all means she said in the next 10 years my risk is low but after that she can't predict. One last thing she also commented on future and she said most hepitits C researchers have to work on HBV or otherwise they will go out of business since HCV is cured.
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Mike, congrat, on getting reverse without medication, which  diet and vitamins supplement are you taking?, Steff is right saying that dna will go up and down, important is your fibroscan. And good news from Dr Ana that all scientist researchers are focused on Hep B
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most hepitits C researchers have to work on HBV or otherwise they will go out of business since HCV is cured.

wow like this comment very much, i never thought it this way but she is very right hcv drugs will make business for a short time (this is way they made such high prices probably)

i do agree with the pegintf try although most would say you are having no troubles from hbv so why mess up with peg sides
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i d just correct vit d levels.

your low level of d3 may be from less sun exposure during winter while the previous was in full summer (wasn t it?)

low dose of d3 for your body requirements

or the lab exposing blood sample to light.the blood sample must be immediately covered after drawing blood.i had this mistake from a small lab too and in another one i had to tell the nurse that they must cover it....they didn t know
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Yeah our winter was really hard this year and was no sun at all. Now the sun started to show more so I expect my level to go up. I will have tests every 3 months and Fibroscan in 6 months just to see what will happen. As far as my diet nothing really that I'm following different than before I do still eat like always and yes i do eat pizza and junk food sometimes but limited. I never drinked alcohol or smoked in my entire life.

I'm very conservative when it comes to supplements as i added black seed to my diet 3 months ago and then honey on empty stomach every morning. I can't say really if this helped as far as HBV since my viral load still fluctuate without much of a change but it could help your liver health overall. I will know more in my next set of tests.
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Happy for You.and trying interf May help.if you feel ready don't hesitate maybe you will achieve cure.
Also for me I think black seeds and honey play a role in reversing fibrosis I am not sure but I notice they help lot.did you tel your doc about these supplement?if yes what was her opinion?
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I didn't tell her as I wasn't sure. I will bring it up in my 6 months meeting with her in September as I will have 2 more tests and that will reveal more on whether that worked on not. I just don't want to give false hope to members on black seed. The way I eat them is spray them on dried yougort on weat toast bread. I don't grind the black seed just chew them.
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Thanks my doc don't like at all these supplement.
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I think doctors don't mind natural food such black seed. Black seed is natural just like you eat spices. But when it comes to pills I do get conservative because not sure how truthful they make these pills or what things they added to it to keep it for a long time in a bottle.
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Hi Mike, lucky guy you're follwed up by one of the most know doctor!!!

May I ask you how old are you, hbeag+ o --ve...?
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you had tested HBsAg quantitive only once ? I wonder if it goes up/down. Now it seems to be quite low.
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I'm HBEAG Negative chronic carrier. HBSAG quantitative is not available in USA so I can only test it when i go to germany for a visit. I plan my next visit in December so will try to get another measurement. My thinking is HBSAG usually don't fluctuate like the HBV DNA viral load. HBSAG usually get lesser slowly overtime by nature also but Stef can correct me on this part.
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Sorry Sorte for your question I will turn 37 next week.
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yes usually hbsag dont move too much when it reaches the low numbers like less than 1000iu/ml (although i dont know if we have statistics about this)

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One more thing i'm trying to understand is why ultrasound result say "subtle coarsened liver" when fibroscan is 4.7 kpa which indicate no fibrosis
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Mile9111 first of all i'ld like to congratulate you on behalf of your fibrosis improvement to F0, i do have the plan to visit my young brother who lives  in Germany do recommend any special place where i can do my HBV tests because me too i live here in the state of California where they don't provide HBVDNA & the quantitative .Appreciate mike!
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What i found out that everywhere in germany you can do the test. However the cheapest way is to go to a local doctor for a visit and ask for the hbsag quantitative. Prepare to pay 30 euro for the office visit and 15 euro for hbsag quantitative
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Thanks Mike9111 your information is valuable.
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Just called to get my official Fibroscan Report and they told me the report is not yet out and need to be interpreted and might take 10 days.

I thought that I saw 4.7 on the screen and now I started to have doubt in what I've saw. Why will it take 10 days for something that you can see immediately? Especially if everything is ok I guess
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Hmmmm that's weird, my fibroscan result was right away! Wish you a good luck mike.
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Really strange!!!!!!mike
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Maybe they just waiting on my doctor to review before they release it to me
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Sure because I read on net that the score is the one on screen!!
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Finally got my fibrosca. Report:

Fibroscan results:
Findings: Patient had median Shear Wave Speed of 1,26 meters/sec (m/s), ranging from a low of 1,17 m/s to a high of 1,46 m/s. The median Liver Stiffness Score was 4,7 kilopascal (kPa), ranging from a low of 4.1 kPa to a high of 6,4 kPa. The Interquartile Range to Median ratio for all measurements was 4%.
Date and time 2015-03-18 08:28:46 Examination M (Liver)
Operator  Number of valid measurements 10
Device Fibroscan 502TOUCH F60467 Number of invalid measurements 3
Probe M 7 71281 Success rate 77%

Lok 3/26

He has no to minimal fibrosis, F0-F1
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Happy for You! Congratulation!
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