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Hi good day. I am desperately in need of your good advice. Im a NICU staff nurse and working for almost a year in public hospital in dito sa Pinas. I'm a chronic HBV carrier, (hepa B reactive, hbeAg nonreactive) inactive stage and non-infections, got this since birth, but Im living a healthy life.
Im one of those aspirant nurses who of course, dreamed of having greener pasture that's why i''m currently in line and applying to work abroad. KSA is very strict in terms of HBV as far as I know. However, my target is in Singapore.
My question is, does anyone here is currently working in Singapore as a nurse? I know that there is medical exam conducted every 6mo's, and HBV is included. But do they allow, nurses who have HBV and categorized as non-infectious? Do they consider it, but with a waiver from employer? Thanks po!
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Hi there! Im also a nurse, sana active ka pa po dito. Magtatanong lang po sana if ano na po nangyari sa application nio? Im also a nurse whos trying to apply abroad.
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