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Need clarification for hepatitis transmition

Il will begin with the start of my story. Sorry for my english.
So, I gave birth in april 23, I was negativ of hepatitis B, my daughter too. In 2021 I was vaccinated for Hepatitis B because I didn't haved antibodys and my husband is positive B.
He is taking a treatment and his virus it is not detectable, so normally he can't infect me.
Last week, I make routine analisyes for serolog and  I'm negative for the virus, I have antibodys results from vaccine, but I have also antibodys who means I was infected but I eliminate the virus and i'm imune right now.
What I dont understand is, how it is possible to contact the virus if I was vaccinated and I haved antibodys, when I gave birth I was negative and didnt have the antibodys results from infection and  how its possible to contact the virus if my husband  virus vant be transmited? Since I gave bitrh I wzs not in the hopitals or doing other things to put me in risk of hep B.
Another question is, my daughter was negative at birth and got vaccinated only with 2 rounds, because the last round she will make next mounth, it is possible to get her infected by breastfeeding her? I know I'm negative at the virus, but how I'ved said earlier, if my analyses showed I got infected and eliminate the virus, I'm affraied she may be take it before it was eliminated from my body from breasfeeding her.
I hope u understand my english and thank u.
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I am not a doctor. Your post is certainly very confusing because you don't give dates, precise chronology, and above all, you don't name the antibodies. The Hepatitis B virus is complicated, it has at least 3 known antigens and therefore 3 corresponding antibodies: HBsAb(surface), HBcAb(core), and HBeAb(e-antibody). You are correct that you do not have Hepatitis B and are fully protected.  I am sure your daughter also does not have HBV, just complete her 3-dose HBV immunization and she will be protected (with HBsAb > 10 iu/l).
You are HBsAg negative, therefore you do not have HBV. You are HBsAb positive, therefore you are protected. I guess you are HBcAb positive - this means you were infected in the past, most likely before your immunization, but like over 90% of HBV infected adults, you resolved the infection by yourself and may or may not have developed the HBsAb. Your HBsAb is positive, it may mean you develop the surface antibodies after your immunization.
Unless you have a full history of serological HBV tests, both before and after your HBV immunization, there is no point in speculating what happened. I am sure your doctor will explain all this to you.
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I'ved just seen my family doctor not a specialist in VHB. I didn't gave precise date beacuse I'm from France and I'm not so good to write english for that I expalined with words the terms ...
To be more specific, before I got the vaccine I was negative for the 3 terms ( HBS-AG / ANTI- HBS / ANTI-HBC ) that was in 2019. I make the vaccine and I was
That means I was imunised cause I got the antiboyes from vaccine.
Since 2019 my husband start his treatment and he became undetactable with  the virus but still positive for HBS-AG. So, his specialist en VHB said, he can't infect me or somebody else.
In 2020 we started the treatment for my pregnancy and finally we made IFV and with that I was every mounth tested for VHB, even when I give bird in april 2023 I was negative with the same valeurs I'ved mentioned earlier.
But now, and because of that I'm a little cofused and I'm ask here, When I made my serology this time I'm:
In april 2023 I was ( negative - positive -negative) and now ( negative -positive- positive) that means I was infected and curred and now imune.
My question, how it is possible to get infect after giving birth if my husband cant infect me and he is the only one with who I haved sexualls relations and I didn't make transfusion of blood or other things to make me get the infection. And how it is possible to get the virus if I was vaccinated. For that I ask also for.my daughter cause she is also vaccinated but If I contact somehow the virus beeing vaccinated, she can too. I'm confused.
My doctor said mabye the results of the laboratory can be wrong and she gave me to repeat in 3 montuh the serology for sure.
Thank you for your clarifications. I can now understand your puzzle. I have no answer. I tend to agree with your doctor that it is likely an error of your laboratory.
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